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To all the people out there that feel different

2ndSep 14, 2021 by Stuie
imageGrowing up in the closet, it was hard not to feel out of place no matter whom I was surrounded by. I always wished I could be like everyone else. Ask the cute girl to the dance, be one of the guys, but it wasn't in the cards. I always gravitated to the unpopular hobby, and I was ostracized for it. Don't get me wrong; this isn't a "poor me" story. I am pleased with the road I've taken so far because it led me here, and here is where I want to be. That said, it wasn't easy.

I've been playing Kiara's Idol, and this week the theme was musicals. At first, I was elated, but then the reality set in that this was going to be tough because, after about an hour, I narrowed my list down to about 20 musicals, not songs, but musicals. I started scanning through all of them to figure out what might be good for my voice or something different than I have been doing. But after a while, I stopped thinking about the songs that would be best for me and started looking at the lyrics, and that's when it clicked.

For the musical week, I picked a song called "Somewhere" featured in West Side Story. This song speaks to me because, as I stated before, belonging was never really in the cards for me, and I would often always wish that one day I would get to a place where I felt accepted and normal and thankfully, that did happen. My story happens to be about my sexual orientation, but anyone who has ever felt different has often had times where they wish they could find a like-minded person to connect with. Well, if that sounds like you, I dedicate this song to you. Here is hoping you found your someone & somewhere where you belong <3

If you want to listen click the link below:

Somewhere - West Side Story

Thank you to all the judges and organizers for putting this game together. It has indeed been one of the best experiences because it has forced me to work on something I've been putting off for years that does make so happy.

Judges & Organizers:
Kiara_xoxo Mouseter09 Candy_land Quackattack817

I wish the best of luck to my fellow competitors & musicians, and thanks to my friends here on tengaged for your encouragement and support.

MsKathryne ilovetosing konohavillage1 Jacadeux BURBERRY VanitySmurf brightongal Elian zach3051

Rude_Lamb seana86 brandonpinzu Yates Megan EEstrada17 TheRoseHorse Minie LenaThePlug looana Halley Jengaged RowanPlaysTengaged LaCroix

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making this. Cheers!



Sent by Tryphena,Sep 14, 2021
I love your voice so muchhhh
Sent by Elian,Sep 14, 2021
Sent by Minie,Sep 14, 2021
Thanks tryphena elian & minie 馃挌馃挌
Sent by Stuie,Sep 14, 2021
Stellar vocal performance as per usual!
Sent by VanitySmurf,Sep 14, 2021
Thanks vanitysmurf 馃挌
Sent by Stuie,Sep 14, 2021
I love this powerful message as well
Sent by Kiara_xoxo,Sep 14, 2021
Love it
Sent by brightongal,Sep 14, 2021
so good love this 馃ぉ
Sent by Jengaged,Sep 15, 2021
Sent by Pookiie,Sep 15, 2021
You have a really nice tone and control of your voice that you have is amazing.
Sent by Admir,Sep 15, 2021
Thanks everyone 馃挌
kiara_xoxo jengaged brightongal pookiie admir
Sent by Stuie,Sep 15, 2021
Nice! Will listen ASAP
Sent by konohavillage1,Sep 15, 2021
You鈥檙e amazing, friend!! 馃挍馃挍馃挍
Sent by EEstrada17,Sep 15, 2021
What a beautiful story friend!

I always say and really your voice is amazing so just shine
Sent by Halley,Sep 15, 2021
you have a great voice i stan
Sent by blogs,Sep 15, 2021
ohhh very sweet 馃枻
Sent by looana,Sep 15, 2021
Sent by Danger,Sep 15, 2021
that was awesome! <3
Sent by Scooby69,Sep 15, 2021

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