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Castings... Keys, how many do you need?

Aug 30, 2021 by Stuie
In your opinion how many keys does one need to win?
Edit: I lose all the comps.


really just one honestly

if you consistently win comps and are fist in checks
Sent by lemonface,Aug 30, 2021
what if I lose every comp? lemonface LOL
Sent by Stuie,Aug 30, 2021
LMAO then itll be hard to win stuie

from how i understand it the noms are USUALLY decided by comp scores... if keys arent in the equation at all it's usually the lowest comp scores in danger for nominations

but somehow thru the algo, with a key you can still score lowest and be safe

i dont think anybody exactly knows how keys work but a lot of people tend to believe that if you SHOULD have been nominated but a key saved you, it "uses up" that key and you're in danger again unless you have more than one (im not sure how true this is though - might be more complicated)

so if you truly are coming last in every comp you prob would need a key for most days the game lasts LOL

and then if you make it to final day final comp score matters a lot so if you flop it your chances are not so good

so long story short - i think keys are important to GET you to final day, but you probably need the checks and comp scores to back you up to actually win
Sent by lemonface,Aug 30, 2021
If you have the most keys and checks you could still win, thats how I've won before, even though I lost all the comps
Sent by chad123,Aug 30, 2021
thanks lemonface & chad123 this really helps
Sent by Stuie,Aug 30, 2021

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