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PYN if this has ever happened to you...

1stJul 12, 2012 by Stuie
Bathrooms Keys & Castings - and if this hasn't happened to you let us know!

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Sent by colbelliveau,Jul 12, 2012
happened to me bro LOOOL
Sent by Platypus,Jul 12, 2012
happened to me bro LOOOL
Sent by Platypus,Jul 12, 2012
it hasnt
twice though in a game
on different days
a key came while i was doing the challenge
Sent by RespectThePouch,Jul 12, 2012
Teddybear stalks keys on the toilet
Sent by Brandonator,Jul 12, 2012
happens to me all the time
Sent by sketchypro,Jul 12, 2012
OMG stuie happens to me all the time, and yes it is spinning and i run over to it and it is 0 ..... it sucks, i freaking love u babe
Sent by seana86,Jul 12, 2012
Sent by koolmanmadden,Jul 12, 2012
nope lol
Sent by melissasinclair29,Jul 12, 2012
Yes lmao! Insanity. Except one time I had to take a shit so I brought my laptop to the bathroom and the key popped up and I got it.

Best decision I've ever made. (sun)
Sent by Insanity,Jul 12, 2012
No but what does happen to me all the freaking time is reading a blog for literally a few seconds then I miss a key lol
Sent by Jouix,Jul 12, 2012
yes lol a couple of times
Sent by Ghoul,Jul 12, 2012
Why I bring my kindle.
Sent by AlexRyder,Jul 12, 2012
omg all the time
Sent by evann,Jul 12, 2012
plus but honestly its been awhile so I don't remember lol
Sent by bad18life,Jul 12, 2012

All the time! It doesn't just happen to me, I count on it to happen and have even deliberately announced that I was going to the bathroom to try and trick it. XD
Sent by Chee5e55ave5,Jul 12, 2012
Sent by doodleshugh,Jul 12, 2012
Omfg all the time
Sent by Lemjam6,Jul 12, 2012
This is such a pointless vlog =L
Sent by Imthtawesom,Jul 12, 2012
LOL yep BenjaminB . Its happened plenty of times im just done with castings lmfao. ://
Sent by BenjaminB,Jul 12, 2012
Sent by Dmpwb45,Jul 12, 2012
lmao yes!!

+15 =)
Sent by Etienne,Jul 12, 2012
Sent by Farst,Jul 12, 2012
Just watched two of your vlogs, I like you Stuie
Sent by danny,Jul 12, 2012
Sent by BlueLagoon506,Jul 12, 2012
i think its happened a couple times
Sent by canadiankid,Jul 12, 2012
To solve your issue, take it in the bathroom with you LOL. I don't really keyhunt =[
Sent by je7467,Jul 12, 2012
Sent by adro,Jul 12, 2012
Me during a challenge like 3 times
Sent by tyboy618,Jul 12, 2012
Sent by dragonldy640,Jul 12, 2012
This 1 time i went to the kitchen to get dinner and i came back and there was a key on the screen i ran at the computer with the food in my hand i tripped on my dog and everything went flying.....then i realised my friend had posted a fake key i was very upset. btw plzd to meet u ashleys bro :D
Sent by ladylizard,Jul 12, 2012
LOL! LadyLizard I take my laptop to the bathroom
Sent by RasGrand,Jul 12, 2012
Actually did happen me!
I got so pissed off I went back there to see if I could try get another key
..didn't work
Sent by Farst,Jul 12, 2012
LadyLizard that is absolutely hilarious I died died died laughing
Sent by Stuie,Jul 12, 2012
no joke i think algo actually is that keys pop up when ranodm members of the cast either hit 5 minutes or come back from being gone.
Sent by sirbeastly,Jul 12, 2012
Yes it happens to me and pisses me off lol.
Sent by Megan,Jul 12, 2012
Sent by Sweetheart95,Jul 12, 2012
Sent by Prince_Charming,Jul 12, 2012
yes, this happens to me. :(
Sent by Esko,Jul 12, 2012
gosh I love your vlogs
Sent by MintCokeify,Jul 12, 2012
Sent by QueenDoe,Jul 12, 2012
Yep. This has happened to me before Stuie :)
Sent by Diva1,Jul 12, 2012
I bring my computer to the br
Sent by disneygeek,Jul 13, 2012
Sent by finegold,Jul 13, 2012
yeah lol
Sent by subfriend,Jul 13, 2012
That happens to me all the time.
Sent by Rockslide,Jul 13, 2012
This used to happen to me. But now I take the laptop with me anywhere I go and now it never happens. :)
Sent by WhitneyStar119,Jul 13, 2012
yes, this happens to me. Stuie
Sent by aquetejodo,Jul 13, 2012
Yup.. always happens just when I leave...
Sent by trishytrash,Jul 13, 2012
Sent by Cloud,Jul 13, 2012
Idk whether it has ever happened to me. I always come and go and never stalk :)
Sent by 75937563748,Jul 13, 2012
Sent by yswimmer96,Jul 13, 2012
This is such a pointless vlog =L
Sent by Imthtawesom,Jul 12, 2012


Such a pointless comment by imthtawesom
Sent by steve420,Jul 13, 2012
Sent by greenrocker05,Jul 13, 2012
Happens to me but not because of the bathroom, I go to get food:L
Sent by JoshJosh123,Jul 13, 2012
Sent by dexterie,Jul 13, 2012
Sent by Wiseman,Jul 13, 2012
happens to me also and thats annoys:)
Sent by redrose,Jul 13, 2012
BooblePook1. :P
Sent by BooblePook1,Jul 13, 2012
steve420 is my fav noob on tengaged
Sent by Stuie,Jul 13, 2012
sweet :)
Sent by redrose,Jul 13, 2012
This is such a pointless vlog =L
Sent by Imthtawesom,Jul 12, 2012


Such a pointless comment by imthtawesom

didnt know we could tag ppl lol Imthtawesom
Sent by steve420,Jul 13, 2012
solution to this vlog.
Sent by Tepr,Jul 13, 2012
take your laptop to the bathroom
Sent by AskJeeves,Jul 13, 2012
I just take to my laptop to the bathroom.
Sent by aaronstevens4444,Jul 13, 2012

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