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Fast Survivor

1stMay 10, 2012 by Stuie
imageI think this website is awesome, but I have an idea I am sure most of the people on here have thought of... Fast Survivor.

Playing all these games it seems that a Fast Version of Survivor *with only 1 winner* would not be impossible at all.

The way I thought it could work would be like this, two tribes of 8 fill up a cast of 16 people...
Once the cast is fill both tribes will have 8 minutes to do the first challenge. The tribe that has the most over all points will win immunity. In the second round the tribes would again play the challenge and the losing tribe would also be required to vote out someone so at "day change" for round two the first person would be out and we would again have another losing tribe going into round 3, etc.

Once there are 11 people left there is no tribal challenge just a vote for the losing tribe and as soon as everyone votes "day change" will happen so the round does have to go for 8 minutes.

Then we are down to 10 people and the tribes merge and the competition becomes individual. Again rounds would be 8 minutes, just long enough to vote and play a challenge. The first round of the merge though would be only challenge as I think we should know who has immunity before we vote. Then the second round would be voting and immunity until there is only two people left, then a jury of 7 would vote for a winner.

If the game had an inactive the entire time the longest the game would go is just over 2 hours but I think its definitely worth it because it would be awesome to see a one winner survivor game and also one you could play quickly.

Let me know what you think.



Not bad. Not bad at all.
Sent by BengalBoy,May 10, 2012
+11 cool
Sent by AxKxAxBatman,May 10, 2012
Sent by kavalle,May 10, 2012
+15 GL randomize
Sent by BrendonByrne,May 10, 2012
+15 yay.
Sent by ZEEnon,May 10, 2012
+5 I think this is awesome!!! randomize
Sent by TheSexiestDude990,May 10, 2012
Sent by Stuie,May 10, 2012
Sent by egaga911,May 10, 2012
Sent by aquetejodo,May 10, 2012
this is a good idea!! :D
Sent by supergoten,May 10, 2012
+13 xxxxx
Sent by MoooCoww,May 10, 2012
i like it!
Sent by finegold,May 10, 2012
Sent by dexterie,May 10, 2012
Sent by axelhades,May 10, 2012
Cool! +10 =)
Sent by 75937563748,May 10, 2012
Sent by brookecwelsh,May 10, 2012
cool +15 :)
Sent by Etienne,May 10, 2012
mayb when its down to merge the person with the 2nd most votes for eviction gets immunity so u would hav to plan ahead for the votes

but its a great idea:)
Sent by pikasadge,May 10, 2012
+8 cute
Sent by Boots22,May 10, 2012
+12 =]
Sent by tonym101101,May 10, 2012
Premade filled.. survivor is all about numbers. Premades would just rule the whole game -_- that'd be no fun.
Sent by Timster,May 10, 2012
i like it!+4
Sent by Lemjam6,May 10, 2012
love it
Sent by KBeastW,May 10, 2012
Sent by dragonldy640,May 10, 2012
+8 Great!
Sent by MorganX,May 10, 2012
It would be fun. But thats just too much to ask for out of randomize
Sent by Cray,May 10, 2012
that sounds fun! although i havent played survivor yet, that idea sounds really good!
Sent by Ninja41,May 10, 2012
great idea! another fun thing to put in it would be for an immunity idol to pop up and for someone to grab it so they could play it later on like a crookies veto. (the box to idol someone or yourself could be crookies style so you could keep it if you needed to without anyone knowing.)
Sent by TheThomas,May 10, 2012
Sent by steveguy,May 11, 2012
Sent by antega34,May 11, 2012
Sent by Cloud,May 11, 2012
This is awesome :D
Sent by doodyful,May 11, 2012
great idea!
Sent by Carraid73,May 11, 2012
Sent by greenrocker05,May 11, 2012
Yeah great idea
Sent by greenrocker05,May 11, 2012
DUEL 2.0
Sent by MintCokeify,May 11, 2012
Stuie that sounds like a great idea!! Very much like the Survivor on television!! :]
Sent by AmandaC,May 11, 2012

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