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  1. Preferred Aus Survivor All Stars Cast
  2. Maybe TaraG’s move wasn’t that bad
  3. You do realize
  4. Wait so TaraG left TG?
  5. Given your rich history
  6. My Experience with TaraG
  7. Tommy Dean Noura final 3
  8. Ok Rudy actually died this time lol
  9. Joss is so fucking hot
  10. Why do we hate
  11. Where can I watch old seasons of the Challenge?
  12. OMG wtf I’m ranked
  13. Lover album of the year?
  14. Woke up and saw
  15. Rudy just died
  16. Lmfao Rudy is not dead yet
  17. I have a feeling
  18. oh Rudy finally died
  19. Ugly bitch
  20. Mayhem Miller is first out
  21. So pathetic
  22. Hey bitch
  23. Sweetie
  24. People that leave TG r so stupid
  25. PYN updated
  26. PYN and I’ll rank you
  27. Gays are going to hell
  28. I have a confession
  29. She Is Coming BOPS
  30. + if you love me
  31. I keep getting called fake
  32. PYN updated
  33. PYN
  34. If you’re gonna do a Britney album ranking
  35. Fucking bitch
  36. Please keep your clothes on
  37. Post your favorite artist
  38. Kayleigh could’ve been iconic
  39. How does my new avi look?
  40. I just finished high school

OMG wtf I’m ranked

Sep 19, 2019 by Steven999
I just got back to tengaged after a couple of months to find out I’m ranked 686th? When did that happen?


inactivity :(
Sent by Stunzer,Sep 19, 2019

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