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  1. Game Changers’ top 3
  2. Ity990
  3. Still not over
  4. Is Dua Lipa a transgender?
  5. October
  6. I hate people
  7. My friend was attacked
  8. My mom just said
  9. It’s the 13th of Friday
  10. My best friend is canceled
  12. I’m fucking crying right now
  13. It’s 2017
  14. If you can resurrect one person
  15. Who cares if someone dies
  16. I’m about to blow
  17. Survivor: HvHvH (winner predictions)
  18. Damn HvHvH is a HOT season
  19. Wow
  21. Kat has been arrested LOL
  22. This is Beverly Hope
  23. I wanna be a cult leader
  24. I’ve got an important announcement
  25. I would’ve watched The Challenge
  26. If CBB gets
  27. My friend stans Post Malone
  28. The Challenge question
  29. Idk what's up your ass
  30. Druhhbby's youngest child is woke
  31. Casey Anthony and Constance Marie
  32. ConstanceMarie
  33. Michelle Carter
  34. Dua Liposuction
  35. Survivor 35 Spoilers:
  36. Just saw the Survivor spoilers
  37. I'm shook @ Ben
  38. Devon is next boot
  39. That Survivor episode was a flop
  40. Katrina goes home tonight

Someone please kill me

Jan 7, 2017 by Steven999
I'm not ready to take the test. I'm gonna fail :(


Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Jan 7, 2017
Good luck. Math was always my absolute worst subject. If I got 70% I considered it a huge success.
Sent by Thirteen,Jan 7, 2017
Thirteen nothing makes sense. Sometimes, I'm good at math when it has nothing to do with fucking shapes and sizes
Sent by Steven999,Jan 7, 2017

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