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  8. Goodbye Tengaged!
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14thJul 13, 2018 by Steefano
Bring back the old comps the new arent funny at all and it's not good we all wants back the old comps for sure. nobody can use cheat engine .



They were removed because people could use cheat engine in them. It would only work if it was impossible to use cheat engine in them
Sent by GoodKaren,Jul 13, 2018
but the mods are back so u cant cheat anymore :) goodkaren
Sent by Steefano,Jul 13, 2018
I'd love to have the new comps back
Sent by BlueStar1367,Jul 13, 2018
yeah bluestar1367 everyones want them back!!
Sent by Steefano,Jul 13, 2018
People could still get a higher score but nobody will know. The old comps just need to have to uncheatable format of the new comps
Sent by GoodKaren,Jul 13, 2018
the mods will know if you use cheat engine or not Goodkaren
Sent by Steefano,Jul 13, 2018
Yes! admin let's make it happen
Sent by jakehou97,Jul 13, 2018

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