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  1. So how many people are real here?
  2. The little square color levels on here remind me..
  3. Stars.
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  22. The time is now: 13:13
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  28. What stars do you share your birthday with?
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  30. Charlie! <3
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  33. Spamming.
  34. The color of Stars.
  35. What song is stuck in your head at the moment?
  36. I came in 4th.
  37. Don't get mad, get more friends!
  38. I came in 1st place in my 4th Rookies game.
  39. Red Hair.
  40. Everyone is like Britney this Britney that on this..

Big Brother 10.

Sep 10, 2008 by StarringAmy
Who were your favorite people in the house?

Mine were Keeeeeeeeeesha, Renny and Dan! :)

Dan is the only one left now... eek!  It was so sad to see Renny and then Keesha go! :(

And yeah Dan did make risky moves and if he does make it to the final 2 I can see him not getting it for getting everyone to dislike him but part of the game he was playing it smart and so he could make it too.  He made a smart move by taking Michelle to the beach, and not getting the blood on his hands when Keesha left... but Keesha is going to be even more heart broken now when she hears Dan saying he didn't want to get the blood on his hands before Keesha was voted out. :(


i think if Dan gets to the end he will win against...... Memphis or Jerry.....
Sent by Bubblyangel,Sep 10, 2008
I hope so. :)
Sent by StarringAmy,Sep 14, 2008

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