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  1. Do you love me?
  2. Tomorrow,
  3. Did you not know I AM A Star!
  4. Video of Me, Mommy Tracey, being a STAR!
  5. Join Fastings!
  6. Dont fuck with me
  7. Franky laughs at you all
  8. Lola girls dance in the night sky
  9. Y'all did this to me!!!
  10. SueHappy has been SPANKED!
  11. I have your email too Joe
  12. I did not go bankrupt!
  13. John is my ex husband
  14. Who is Sue Happy ????
  15. Franky is a bisexual
  16. I am giving up tengaged for lent
  17. Lola Girls we do it best!
  18. Hey!
  20. Mommy T loves my new lips
  21. Still not banned
  22. Thanks for the gift baby
  23. Don't fuck with the Don
  24. Why am I not banned ...
  25. I'm not banned
  26. Kyle
  27. Obey_Me called me a pedophile (proof)
  28. Shut it
  29. I already have CRUSHED someone under my foot
  30. I am the new Frat President
  31. Lola girls
  32. Want to know a great man ?
  33. My Trump sign is already on my lawn
  34. I am the DON
  35. Don't fuck with Mommy Tracey
  36. I am the DON
  37. Lola Girls
  38. Franky and I are back together
  39. Silly Geese
  40. END Bullying 2020

Reminder !

Feb 14, 2020 by StarBursts
Thirteen = Me2013 #MultiMike

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