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Did a Brantsteele Stars…

Nov 11, 2023 by SoulessGinger
imageInteresting Final 3 😂❤️

BreadNButter Gaiaphagee sprtsgy1989

16th- BBlover96
15th- Thumper91
14th- Stuartlittle16
13th- DripTeejay
12th- ticofernandez
11th- StraightLoonie
10th- Kindred7
9th- temponeptune
8th- cotbey
7th- Fendimania
6th- Bamold1999
5th- Currents
4th- LemJam6
3rd- Gaiaphagee
2nd- BreadNButter
1st- sprtsgy1989


this 4th place is triggering please delete
Sent by Lemjam6,Nov 11, 2023
Which simulator did u use for this king
Sent by DripTeejay,Nov 11, 2023
6th- Bamold1999
5th- Currents
4th- LemJam6
Sent by Currents,Nov 11, 2023
That 10th… me and straightloonie going back to back.
Sent by Kindred7,Nov 11, 2023
Sent by BreadNButter,Nov 11, 2023
Darn shame
Sent by StraightLoonie,Nov 11, 2023
I was pushed
Sent by temponeptune,Nov 11, 2023
fun fact 8th is my most commen placement
Sent by cotbey,Nov 13, 2023
Sent by cotbey,Nov 13, 2023

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