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If Vanessa was a man

Aug 24, 2015 by Snap
her game would be 100 times more appreciated, just saying


I think she is the man in her relationship, does that count?
Sent by Cmack311,Aug 24, 2015
cmack311 that's messed up
Sent by AndrewWeltner,Aug 24, 2015
No thats ignorant bullshit fuck off Cmack311
Sent by Snap,Aug 24, 2015
No. She'd be considered BORING, Snap.
Sent by Loopulle,Aug 24, 2015
AndrewWeltner and snap OMG, IT WAS A JOKE. She seems more masculine anyways
Sent by Cmack311,Aug 24, 2015
No, She'd actually be hated more than she already is
Sent by temponeptune,Aug 24, 2015
I only don't like her because she's unaware of her narcissism and she cries so easily. Other than that she's playing a good game.
Sent by SuperFreak,Aug 24, 2015
Her game would be different because she relies on her emotions a lot
Sent by Toxicity,Aug 24, 2015
I disagree.

Look at Austin being ranked last on Joker's. And Clay always being more hated than Shelli. Nobody appreciates Man gameplay. And if there was a man running around the BB house ranting, crying, and high on drugs, they would be the most hated houseguest of all time, PERIOD.
Sent by SurvivorSeth,Aug 24, 2015

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