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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Dani and Nicole deserve it

3rdOct 1, 2020 by SmoothStalker12
For sheeping strong men all game and eliminating the women + Ian/Kaysar who actually wanted to play with them

EDIT: I think Janelle is a SmoothStalker12 stan


Sent by _Aria,Oct 1, 2020
Okay that's true, can't argue with that
Sent by Jameslu,Oct 1, 2020
Sent by Kyle12212,Oct 1, 2020
Mhm got out all the woman and are shocked that the men are ganging up on them also remember

“We have to save Tyler, Ian has to go”
Sent by Flickgamecolin,Oct 1, 2020
Ian was an idiot though. it's not like he wanted to work with jani
Sent by CocoaBean,Oct 1, 2020
Seriously its karma Dani went on Tyler's reign when initially Dani wanted Tyler to go over Ian at one point but got scared cuz of Cody n the committee.

I do admit I did love the shade Dani threw at Tyler for wanting to quit and messing up the season because we all know BB rigged and begged the shit out of Tyler to stay when he was ready to give his spot to Bayleigh.
Sent by Caliboy,Oct 2, 2020

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