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Big Brother and Racism in 2020

1stSep 4, 2020 by SmoothStalker12
NOTE: This blog is going to touch on suggestions of micro-aggressions & racism. I am not claiming that anyone is a racist, I am just pointing out things that have been talked about on podcasts & forums this season.

After BB21 where 3 of the non-white players were the first boots and then were continuously talked poorly about throughout the whole season, CBS needed to fix their public image when it came to racism. I think they attempted to do this by bringing in players who aren't afraid to speak up like Kaysar & Da'Vonne and by showing their conversations on TV, but there are still many issues this season.

Here are some issues/micro-aggessions that have been discussed on the online BB community:

🟡1. Bayleigh & Da'Vonne CONSTANTLY being grouped together & targeted. This game is filled with duos that existed BEFORE the season (Nicole & Ian, Nicole & Dani, Nicole & Cody, Tyler & David) but the duo that people have been talking about nonstop is Bay&Da'. When compared to other duos, they have the fewest comp wins & worst overall placements, but they are still mentioned as a target 24/7. Not to mention that they weren't close before the season started.

🟡2. The Division of the house. If you look at the house dynamics, the people in power are Cody/Nicole/Tyler/Dani/Christmas/Enzo/Memphis. Sound about white? The people who are "outsiders" of these alliances are Bayleigh, Da'Vonne, Kevin, and David to some extent....

🟡3. CBS Editing. If you watch the feeds, I'm sure you're well aware of how mean Dani & Nicole have been about other female houseguests. However, have any of these been shown?

In this game, Dani has:
~Said Ian is using his autism as strategy
~Called Janelle a bad mom for using a nanny (despite her having a successful full time career)
~Said Bay stole Janelle's clothes, not that Janelle gave them to her
~Laughed about ignoring Nicole A preseason when she asked to be on her podcast

None of this was shown. Instead, we got a segment of Bayleigh speaking up to Kaysar out of frustration, giving her the "crazy" edit while Dani is given this "master manipuator" edit.

🟡4. Overall Reaction/Treatment of People . Based on recent feed updates about what happened after the Basement comp, we are going to see how people treat Bayleigh & Da'Vonne differently than they do Nicole/Dani. (This touches on things not shown in episode yet)

~In the puppetmaster PoV, Bay was frustrated she lost and threw off her goggles. On the feeds, several houseguests thought it was aggressive & uncalled for behavior. Apparently Dani did the same thing today and she hasn't received any backlash.

~When Nicole Franzel cries basically every day over very minor things, she is comforted by her houseguests. When Bayleigh is crying after the comp, you have people like Cody saying she is playing victim. The difference is Nicole cries because of small things that hurt her feelings, Bayleigh is crying because she has been pinned against the wall for weeks.

🟡5. Christmas. I still have no idea how a woman who "repeatedly rammed her SUV into the car of a woman who was having an affair with the father of her child" in November is 2018, less than 2 years ago, was invited back to BB22.

Not only has she acted violently, she has said just today that:
"Christmas says after noms "she's going to get shot. Someone's going to put a fork in my face"

And how can we forget in BB19 when she said "I want to take (Raven's) f****** head off, put it in the garbage disposal, and laugh while I f****** do it"

However, because she is a white woman, CBS looks the other way. She tried to seriously harm a woman LESS THAN 2 YEARS AGO, and she is back in the BB house? jayRoy said it best:

🔵IN CONCLUSION, CBS needs to make massive changes to their game format/casting. How many times have we seen white-straight men dominate this game and leave the people of color on the outside? Even in a game of "all stars", the 2 women who have barely won a challenge in the past are being targetted over 2 winners, 2 runner ups and massive comp beasts. This is more than just playing the game, something is just not right.

I encourage you to follow players like Dani Reyes, Ika Wong, Lawon Exum, Kemi Fakunle, Ovi Kabir, Swaggy C, Bryan Ollie, Zakiyah Everette, Helen Kim and Danielle Lickey as they have all recently spoken about how it feels to play BB while being treated differenly based on the color of their skin.


I hope this blog gets the recognition it deserves
Sent by Kelly2722,Sep 4, 2020
Oh honey, CBS is racist and will always be racist.
Sent by Adam94,Sep 4, 2020
Also Ollie
But yeah for sure didn’t even know about the Christmas assault thing wow.
Sent by JayElVeeIsBack,Sep 4, 2020
I agree with all but the first bc day kinda made it a race issue and put a target on her back when she openly saved David bc he’s black. Now everyone’s gonna assume that she’s working with ppl of color bc she wants them to do well. I would assume that if I were in the game
Sent by Fetish,Sep 4, 2020
1.  I'm discounting them being of the same race and thus more visible, but they are the tightest pair in the house so people not seeing that would be bad gameplayers.
2.  At this point in BB, the onion structure is optimal strategy.  I understand what you are saying about minorities not being in the top 7 or so spots.  However, I don't think you can use bad strategic players at high levels of an onion.  Kaysar doesn't understand the modern game.  David doesn't understand the game.  Da'Vonne as much as we love her as a person, is a bad strategic player.  She does not have a mind that makes optimal moves.  That leaves two minority people in the house.  I'm sorry, but as long as Bayleigh is completely loyal to a bad strategist like Da'Vonne she doesn't have a place in the onion.  Kevin is really the only minority in the house that probably is capable of being in the onion that is not.
3, 4, 5.- all fair and good points.
Sent by MMAjunkieX,Sep 4, 2020
I completely agree. some of these I had no idea and it really opened my eyes. It's terrible. CBS needs to change.
Sent by Lynn12,Sep 5, 2020
Dani is a disgusting human being yet weirdos like Memphis_Grizzlies continue to defend her and say she’s “better than Janelle”
Sent by RedFabFoxy,Sep 5, 2020
the tea...

for what? 5 weeks now.. Bay & Day have had to bite their tongues to please these people yet they still get pained as being crazy 24/7 over the dumbest things...

I will watch an hour of Nicole crying over dumb shit and playing victim and whining yet when Bay or Day have the smallest 10 minutes of crying they are seen as being WAY TOO MUCH.. FAKING IT.. etc.

it's so telling... We have even see David say he felt uncomfortable and threatened by talking to Day but not bayleigh

Bay then said herself that is because she is always seen as being "a white ass black girl" meanwhile Day is the complete opposite.. and with David being from a white place in georgia he is more comfortable with Bay...
Sent by top20fan33,Sep 5, 2020
I hope this blog gets the recognition it deserves
Sent by Russell11,Sep 5, 2020
I find it hard to believe that America likes this season any better than BB21. It’s honestly the same concept just with more known faces .
Sent by KittyBitz,Sep 5, 2020
everything is right on this except dani and ian are outsiders
Sent by rohanprabhu,Sep 5, 2020
I mean yes I agree this is a huge problem with casting but I really don't get why you always make blogs rephrasing what other people are already saying and get top blogs from it
Sent by Absol,Sep 5, 2020
absol because calvin has a brain to take thoughts from other people and get it the recognition it deserves. He isn't stealing what others are saying, hes simply putting it all together on one blog instead of multiple. He has a bigger format on Tengaged than others and people will actually read his blogs instead. It really isn't that big of a deal... agree or disagree and move on, instead of creating an issue when there wasn't one to begin with.
Sent by EricCabello,Sep 5, 2020
ericcabello i dont take advice from camila cabello stans and also you seem to completely misunderstand my point but thanks
Sent by Absol,Sep 5, 2020
Idk why I'm being called a weirdo redfabfoxy

it's just my opinion
Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Sep 5, 2020
and I also don't pay attention to feeds or any of that idk who says what horrible things
Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Sep 5, 2020
wot about AlexDeGale
Sent by BonnieHolt,Sep 5, 2020

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