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Bayleigh COOKED Nicole Franzel

1stAug 22, 2020 by SmoothStalker12
Bayleigh telling Franzel last night that it took her "a couple tries and a couple guys to win" as a joke and Franzel having a breakdown

EDIT: HOWEVER, When Dani Donato says “showmances help you go far, just as Nicole” in front of Nicole she has no issue....

Bayleigh's reaction:

Nicole's reaction:


the best part of this season so far
Sent by kesha,Aug 22, 2020
lmao she didn't lie
Sent by FelipeS,Aug 22, 2020
And people are telling Bayleigh to apologize...
Sent by doobee,Aug 22, 2020
A couple of try’s a couple of guys
Sent by doobee,Aug 22, 2020
"Isn't that true?"

"I'm self evicting"

I suddenly stan
Sent by Heavenlee,Aug 22, 2020
Bayleigh is disgusting to say that
Sent by Katherinee_,Aug 23, 2020
I can't. I can't! that is hilarious lmao
Sent by TaraT,Aug 23, 2020

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