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100 Days of Voting: FINALE STATISTICS

1stNov 29, 2019 by SmoothStalker12
Hello everyone! I don’t know about you, but I am a numbers person. It is great to hear the sides and stories of our finalists, but numbers cannot stretch the truth.

Here are some voting statistics about this season of 100 Days of Voting.

There were 99 days to cast a vote.

Admir cast 83 votes, meaning he voted 83.8% of the days

Darbe cast 60 votes, meaning he voted 60.6% of the days


This stat is tricky, because sometimes it isn’t best to vote in the majority. Sometimes by voting someone, you would cast a target on them in the next vote, or you wanted to confuse people. But, I still think it is important.

Admir voted 55 times in the majority

Darbe voted 47 times in the majority


Admir’s 55 majority votes divided by his total 83 votes = 66.3% of his votes were for the person who went home

Darbe’s 47 majority votes divided by his total 60 votes = 78.3% of his votes were for the person

~Votes Cast Against~
This stat can be looked at in two ways: Either you were under the radar and avoided the chopping block, or you were able to fight back and save yourself.

NOTE: This includes votes that were

Admir had a total of 41 votes cast against him
His first vote against him was day 8 by Simpizzle
Darbe had a total of 13 votes cast against him
His first vote against him was on day 29 by Adam94

~On the Bottom~

Admir was in the Bottom 2 twice:
Day 79 by a vote of 9 - 8 beating Joobix
Day 80 by a vote of 10 - 7 beating Paul028

Darbe was in the Bottom 2 4 times:

Day 95 by a vote of 3 - 2 beating J2999
Day 96 by a vote of 3 - 3 beating NotAfraid
Day 98 by a vote of 2 - 2 beating TotalDramaLover1234
Day 99 by a vote of 2 - 1 beating temponeptune



Yea probs gonna this
Sent by lionsden121,Nov 29, 2019
So do we vote for the person who tried hard to stay and did or the person who had good connections going in and didnt have to do the work to stay...
Sent by M_Davis1998,Nov 29, 2019
me deciding between two people i've never talked to and vice versa
Sent by Iceyblue52,Nov 30, 2019
I knew admir was gonna make it far and LOOK FOLKS
Good luck guys!!
Sent by Simpizzle,Nov 30, 2019
Your mind is superior Simpizzle
Sent by SmoothStalker12,Nov 30, 2019
I’m voting for whoever isn’t fat
Sent by crimsonteer,Nov 30, 2019
crimsonteer thx bby
Sent by Darbe,Nov 30, 2019

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