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100 Days of Voting: ADMIR

2ndNov 29, 2019 by SmoothStalker12
Here is Admir's final 2 speech:

Hello Tengaged. I'm sure you wouldn't expect 2 obviously great friends to make it to the finale but here we are. I went UNNOMMED in the F15 of this game, receiving 0 votes in the final phase. What?! (DISCLAIMER: AN ESSAY UPCOMING, SKIP TO THE END FOR CALVIN'S QUESTIONS)

I learned a lot when I played this game last year. I ended up being 32nd and I learned from my mistakes this time. I didn't want to play a strong game very early on because I knew there were a lot of targets who would eventually take out each other. However, staying quiet didn't mean not playing the game; I was active from the beginning, forming alliances with people, being added to various chats and I tried not to bring up names because I knew chats weren't as safe and information leaked so I didn't want to be accused of targeting someone. I think that really helped me stay off everyone's radar. Another important thing is that I tried to get to know other people more and make personal contacts rather than talking in group chats that much. Here and then I would point out the threats and who should go but I didn't want it to be obvious because that was the mistake I made last year.
The game got complicated around F50 because things started to change and obvious targets were gone which put me in a bad position, especially with TheSexiestDude990 in the game who I knew would come after me because that's what we do everytime.


I was in danger when Julian decided to target me around F20 maybe and that was the first time I actually got scared for my position so I started working hard and making a pitch to everyone else in the game why they should keep me safe. I promised a lot of people I would be there for them and it helped me because I almost got evicted 3 times by 1 vote! When I took control of the game again, I wasn't seen as someone who should be gone immedaitely. Taking Julian out of the game really was a big relief for me because he was the only one pointing out how threatening I am. This 2nd part was also very sad because, as I said, I lost control of the game and some of my close allies went home due to people flipping so it was really a question if I'd stay alive as well. I feared I might've made a same mistake again but I knew I really had no other choice.

I was aware I'm entering the final phase of the game and even though it looked well, I knew it was a long road. So many friends, so many potential f2's, so many people who can actually win this game because everyone played well. The first big move was made against AJ who went home for 10th because he was seen as someone who was in the best position in the game. At that point I panicked because it didn't look like he was taking me to the finals with his friends still in the game (Gabbie, James) so I decided to join the train and vote him out. Later I found out it wasn't the best decision but at that point it seemed okay ( especially because he didn't talk to us much for 1-2 days and paranoia set in x). Mitch and Adam were obvious f2 so after AJ, even though I kind of promissed to them I would vote James, I compared cards with James and Caleb and figured they were working with both sides so I decided to break my word and go against them because I thought nobody would go after them cause they seemed less threatening which would've allowed them to progress and flip flop and I know how scary it is when you have players in the middle ground.
Final 7 was the hardest thing I had to deal with because everyone left was really friends and I just had to go with my gut and take out James and Gabbie who were very close. Alan and Caleb helped us a lot with their votes throughout the game and without them, I don't think I would've survived.

Finally, I want to say that I think I played a really good game, more on a game level than personal. I made an alliance with temponeptune very early on and we had a long lasting plan on how to make finals. Bryce was a big help for me and my alliance, I always discussed my decisions with him, but when it came to the final phase it was a big question for me: do I take Bryce who played an outstanding game or do I take Darbe who also played perfectly, but who I am closer to? It ended up being a hell which I don't want to go back to, but I do want to point out that had Bryce been in the final 2, he would've had a great shot at winning because his impact on this game was undeniable.

Thank you for an amazing experience, thank you to my allies and friends for helping me, thank you to people who tried to get me out for talking to me even though we didn't work together. This game was bittersweet for me so I hope none of you take this game as personal because my intentions were never to make anyone feel bad, but to play a game and make decisions even when they seemed unimaginable. Vote for me if you think I deserve to win, if not, I will be happy for Darbe as much.

1. Why do you deserve to win over your opponent?
I think Darbe is as deserving, but I would point out that I went unnommed in the final phase because I talked to people I wasn't necessarily allied with. Also, I made a plan with Tempo which in the end helped Darbe to be in the f2 so bitch should kiss my feet. x

2. What is one move you made that shows you’re the winner
Not taking Temponeptune to the Final2. As you could've seen, in the F15 i made other moves but with help of my allies and I can't claim any of that for myself, I just participated. But, not taking Temponeptune who played an outstanding game and had a greater shot to win this game than me because he would have an amazing pitch - might be one move that I made myself.

3. What was your strategy to get to final 2
-Stay under the radar in the first half of the game, socialize and make stroner allies 2nd part of the game, make moves in the f15 and pretend that every new day in f15 was a whole new game. I gave everyone a shot to play for themselves, but also to benefit my game.
-I promised Bryce F2 if he was able to take Darbe out himself, but in the end it wasn't happening. It was a game move, but also a personal one which is what hurts because I consider them both close, but I feel like I know Brad a lot more and Tempo would've won. So yeah, I'm not an angel (we been knew). Tempo was very important for my game because he is really smart and I knew he would've made F3 if it was up to me.


Great job Admir
Sent by Matte,Nov 29, 2019
Admir I wasn't specifically targeting you due to any history we may have I was just saying random names since nobody else would
Sent by TheSexiestDude990,Nov 29, 2019
I guess since you at least tried to talk to me, I’ll vote for you
Sent by Mitchkid64,Nov 29, 2019
I’m glad admir got evicted in survivor after reading this
I am jealous he didn’t work closely with me as I tried and wanted to do with him
Sent by sjsoccer88,Nov 29, 2019
Sent by JetsRock12,Nov 30, 2019
GOODLUCK DADDY ADMIR rooting for u bby
Sent by cotbey,Nov 30, 2019
I was close to you sjsoccer88 but as I said, I didn't have the control over a game when you got evicted and I could've gone easily back then instead
Sent by Admir,Nov 30, 2019
Congratulations? Hahah
Sent by Bix123,Nov 30, 2019

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