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Shane Dawson's Next Series?

3rdOct 19, 2018 by SmoothStalker12
What do you think Shane's next big series will be? You can assume it'll revolve around another Youtuber to continue his trend, or you can go off the beaten path! Here are my guesses as to what they could be/ what I'd like to see.

Conspiracy Theory Videos - I honestly feel he will take a break from all this editing and story telling to produce a higher quality conspiracy theory video

Inside the Beauty/Makeup Community ~ There is SO much drama and controversial characters in this segment alone in YouTube and he already has his foot in the door with his series with Jeffree and his friendship with James Charles.

Inside the mind of David Dobrik - This is one I REALLY WANT TO SEE. David is similar to Jake Paul in regards to comment but he is so much better and smarter when it comes to reputation management. Maybe even dive into the Vlog Squad and see why the friend group has lasted unlike team 10. Possibly even go into the Liza/David split.

Dissecting Fake YouTube Relationships - He has ALWAYS commented on how being a public youtube couple and vlogging it has ruined the relationship and has even experienced it himself. He could pull in his stories as well as Colleen, Trisha, David Dobrik/Liza (doubtful)

The Christine Sydelko Story - Christine gained popularity very quickly through her comedy duo with Elijah, but ultimately wanted to split due to his unhealthy lifestyle and poor business practices. Now she is even losing weight and much happier with who she is as a person. Could be a really inspiring, yet dark?, series

Something about channels that have fallen from fame - How do some channels remain popular with time while others don't? Changing content. I want him to do what he did to graveyard girl to people like Grace Helbig, Tyler Oakley, iJustine, WhatTheBuck, Lucas from Fred, Dave Days, almost ALL British Youtubers, etc.

Reuniting With Old Friends ~ This is 100% my own selfish series. I want him to reconnect with people he would vlog with 7 years ago like Bri, Steve, Shanna, Kate, Amy Castle, Lisa, Pam, etc. He has mentioned in podcasts and books that these friendships fizzled out, but he has done series reconnecting with people in the past.

Behind the Scenes of Shane Dawson ~ I feel like he has been commenting so much about what goes on into editing and planning his videos, he might just turn that into a short series to show how much he does for us. ALSO his past is SOOOOOOOO DARK like there is so much he could open up about in videos. He has opened up about it in books and podcasts but not really a serious series

Other quick ideas that I think might get tossed out but won't ever happen:

~Rise and Fall of OTL
~ Drew Monson
~MARINA JOYCE. I think she is too in the past now
~Miranda Sing's journey since i remember a vlog of Shane seeing her perform on the street years ago and look how far she has come

Tagging known fans:


I鈥檇 love to see the ins and outs of the beauty community, there鈥檚 a lot to uncover there but idk if they鈥檙e willing to let it be exposed any further
Sent by Anas,Oct 19, 2018
i would LOVE a christine sydelko/elijah daniels series
Sent by AustinRules6969,Oct 19, 2018
i hope david dobrik i love shane dawson and david!!!!!

i still have to watch the final jakevideo
Sent by owlb0ned,Oct 19, 2018
girl me too i just don't have a 2 hour block of time to dedicate to it owlb0ned
Sent by SmoothStalker12,Oct 19, 2018
hes taking a break for a couple months :( but i like all of these
Sent by PureEssence,Oct 19, 2018
u spelled jeffree's name wrong LOL
but i hope he does something with trisha but he has done stuff with her already.

it might be stuff w the beauty community but idk
Sent by ItsAlexia,Oct 19, 2018
what happened with christine and elijah
Sent by Nichole98,Oct 19, 2018
nichole98 Christine hated the direction Elijiah was taking the channel (drinking, partying and promoting unhealthy lifestyles) and she said on twitter he was terrible at business. He ripped people off with merch sales I think. She wanted to do more typical youtuber videos while he wanted to party and make content like tana
Sent by SmoothStalker12,Oct 19, 2018
austinrules6969 same I didn鈥檛 know they weren鈥檛 friends now
Sent by owlb0ned,Oct 19, 2018
Honestly tana too
Sent by owlb0ned,Oct 19, 2018
i think Christine and Elijah are on speaking terms again but their rise and fall of a duo and now their very different lifestyles would make for such a good story austinrules6969 owlb0ned
Sent by SmoothStalker12,Oct 19, 2018
idk any of these names except shane. i can't believe how invested people are to YouTube stars
Sent by Piddu,Oct 19, 2018
Reuniting With Old Friends ~ This is 100% my own selfish series. I want him to reconnect with people he would vlog with 7 years ago like Bri, Steve, Shanna, Kate, Amy Castle, Lisa, Pam, etc. He has mentioned in podcasts and books that these friendships fizzled out, but he has done series reconnecting with people in the past.

I would definitely love that especially since I would religiously watch Shane's daily vlogs back in 2011 and I became so invested in his friendships with a lot of those people lol.
Sent by Patrick319,Oct 19, 2018
piddu after watching someone for like 9 years it鈥檚 like getting attached to a tv show
Sent by SmoothStalker12,Oct 19, 2018
I really want a Drew series. Although I was never a huge fan of his channel I STANNED him in Shane's old videos. Then he Trisha and Shane became my favorite youtube trinity, and then just when i thought it couldn't get better Garrett came in and Garrett/Drew/Shane became literally EVERYTHING and I still watch the spooky boys videos religiously to this day.

Although I think Morgan is an AMAZING replacement to the "squad" with Shane/Garrett/Ryland it would be interesting to find out EXACTLY why Drew doesn't show up in videos anymore. If its because of his depression (it would also be interesting to dive into why he feels this way when everyone loves him, but that could be overstepping boundaries) or if its just because he didn't like the spooky videos or what. This would probably be like a 1/2 episode "mini" series (looks at 8 part series on jake paul and sociopaths) but it would probably be soo good but maybe that's just because I'm biased and love Drew sm.

I also like the Christine and Elijah idea, although personally I can't take them seriously and I think most of the time they don't take themselves seriously either. Also I think a series like this could open old wounds so if they're ok for now why talk about it yknow. all the ideas r so good tho, he has tons of options. All I know is literally no matter what I'll be watching :)
Sent by peace123,Oct 19, 2018
peace123 I feel the same way about Drew and I love him more than anything. However I do think his depression is the cause of him leaving YouTube and I think having such a big spotlight on him in a series would only add to his mental health issues
Sent by SmoothStalker12,Oct 19, 2018
SmoothStalker12 yeah definitely. Plus I don't really think we need a series, once Drew is ready to come back (hopefully soon) Shane will definitely help him out anyways. I just hope he's okay, and I'm curious what he's up to these days lol.
Sent by peace123,Oct 19, 2018
Sent by ItsAustin,Oct 19, 2018
Sent by top20fan33,Oct 19, 2018
I like it when he goes to haunted places a lot so hope a few more of those are in store!
Sent by dandoe,Oct 19, 2018
rip he's taking a break for a while i think bc of the backlash he's getting from jake paul/jeffree
Sent by Gardenia,Oct 19, 2018
illuminati palette jeffree star cosmetics series
Sent by levonini,Oct 19, 2018
ew I don鈥檛 want a series on david dobrik the rest would be good tho
Sent by HaliFord,Oct 19, 2018
Lowkey I would love to see the mind of Jojo Siwa and how she built her brand...or like Bhad Bhabie/Jojo Siwa and they can fight lmao
Sent by ILoveLarry,Oct 19, 2018

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