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Mail me saying you plussed this blog

1stJan 18, 2018 by SmoothStalker12
Then I will give you the name of a tengager.  You will then come back to this blog and write what you think about that person in the comments (WITHOUT mentioning their name)!

Do NOT tag the person you are given, that takes away the fun.


I did this for the past TWO January so I wanted to do it again :)


I love her so much... I always gift her from my shop because I want to be her friend so bad honestly... Well I have been in a chat with her for a while and she makes me laugh so much. I cannot wait to meet her irl
Sent by maturo,Jan 18, 2018
LMFAO WTF. i love this person with A PASSION. you gave me someone on my front page lol. i think they're super hilarious and kind of kunty, but yolo lol. we have similar music interests, and we both play league together. what a fucking queen/MOM. <3.
Sent by RobertGuajardo,Jan 18, 2018
my greenhaus sister, I love her and we are gonna slay the drag scene together after we finish fangirling over RPDR and ANTM both happening this month... oh shit we gay <3
Sent by Delete2544,Jan 18, 2018
One of my favorite people to play games with because of ihis iconic competition Skills. He is one of the only people om this site THAY is better than me at most comps. We have had rough patches and ups and downs but overall I consider this person a great friend!
Sent by spartagow,Jan 18, 2018
One of my very best friends on this site! He is so fun to chat with especially when he's causing drama with random people in a skype chat and they have no idea who he is and assume he's another user LOL. Kindest person in the world if you know him but not so much if you don't <3
Sent by JustMe,Jan 18, 2018
I LOVE THIS PERSON SOOO MUCH!!!!! they are literally so hot & i wish they showed their face sum more cuz it's gaawwwgous. also he is literally so funny and probably one of the more genuine people i know so glad me and him r literal besties <33333 he spams pics of me everywhere tho #annoying
Sent by titoburitto,Jan 18, 2018
He is an enigma to me. One moment he hates your guts and the next moment he is smiling and telling you how much he loves you. And when he is in one of his hateful moods you can't really tell how much of it is serious because he has kind of a warped sense of humor anyways. I just don't get him.
Sent by Thirteen,Jan 18, 2018
I might have played a game with this person 8 years ago but I don’t remember them. Guess I should probably edit my first page of friends... since they are all people I added years ago and barely remember.
Sent by Josh742,Jan 18, 2018
AHHHH!!!! I LOVE THIS PERSON WITH ALL MY HEART even if he a dumb hoe sometimes ugh honestly one of my longest true friendships on this site, someone i would consider so close.  He is so extremely hilarious and even if we don't talk for a few months, we always pick up right where we left off. <3 This person knows the true me inside and out and this person is someone I will def be friends with FOREVER! :*
Sent by AllieBoBallie,Jan 18, 2018
I haven't talked to him in forever, but we used to be really close friends on this site! I miss talking to him a lot and I might reach out to him soon :)
Sent by TheACF12,Jan 18, 2018
We added each other as friends after we played, but haven't really talked much since then. Maybe we will play a game together again someday...
Sent by TaraG,Jan 18, 2018
Love, love, love, love you! This person is amazing and I am glad I met them. I can’t believe when I first met them that I used to the them. Love you to pieces!
Sent by NotNicky333,Jan 18, 2018
I love this person with my whole heart! I remember spending my first six to eight months on Tengaged admiring his avatar because it was so pretty and all I had was an ugly noob avi. Blah. Then we officially met in a casting and just bonded right away. We spent so many hours playing Castings and talking on Skype, and it felt like we had been friends for years! He taught me so much about shops back in the day and was just a truly perfect human being. We went about two years without talking while I was raising my son and picked up like no time had ever passed in November. He’ll be one of my bestest friends forever! 💞
Sent by Brookie0126,Jan 18, 2018
Love him so much!  Although we did end up in a bidding war over an auction back in 2013, we really met back in the summer of 2016 through blog series and have since become really good friends.  He's had my back while I was going through moving last year, and one of my most iconic merges ever came when he and I persevered and ran our tribe to somehow be the last 2 people standing!  And just like me, he loves to write!  I actually at first thought they were a girl.  :P  But I hope this friendship lasts a long time  <3
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Jan 18, 2018
This user is interesting...? We played Survivor together when I was on one of my old accounts and he carried me. LOL I worked that social game was and loyal and then I think that I went to camp or something and got voted out. That or we kept losing challenges. Heh.

He also got sucked off behind a Walmart as a minor. YIKES! :S
Sent by Loopspeare,Jan 18, 2018
Really fun guy! I can’t remember if i first met him in a game or a group game but he’s someone I always try to help if possible. Save him most times in stars. He used to have a really iconic avatar but I think he changed it.
Sent by konohavillage1,Jan 18, 2018
A down-to-earth good guy and a friend I wish I talked to a bit more. Maybe some day :)
Sent by LowKi,Jan 18, 2018
I love this person!! Even though I feel like they go through hard times at times, I know we will always have each others back at the end of the day! We'll be friends for a long time, and hopefully forever <3
Sent by IceBeast,Jan 18, 2018
absolute favourite tengager! absolute dime of a personality, not to mention looks too! really just the complete package when it comes to female tengagers. wish i talked to her more than i do though smh.
Sent by Brayden_,Jan 18, 2018
one of my all time faves on here. They have a bad reputation and i love them for it <3  sweet person with usually good intentions <3
Sent by Question,Jan 18, 2018
Sent by Brandt69,Jan 19, 2018
He is known for having a new boyfriend every week.
He has been my friend for fuckin AGES and by ages I mean since like at least 2013 !!! :))))
He is the sweetest person and I love being his friend and we’ve been on like 2 magical calls with each other !! Super glad I can count on him to always be my friend and chat and banter to me if I need. All the reason why he is one of my front page friends 😊😊
Sent by Roshy,Jan 19, 2018
Sent by Brandt69,Jan 19, 2018
Sent by Oliviaxoxo,Jan 19, 2018
Go buy the smash hit “Dancing” by Kylie Minogue on iTunes!
Sent by Etienne,Jan 19, 2018
one of mi fav and oldest friends he is so silly and random but sweet toooo <3 he likes mi gal mirandah and that means he is decent in my books. we dont talk daily but he is one of my bestest frands here and i know i can just mail him and things are no different LUV U PAL xxx
Sent by Oliviaxoxo,Jan 19, 2018
we met only a few months ago in survivor and had a tight alliance called the true survivor alliance which was a smaller core of the iconic Tribe Neg Finn chat and we lasted for 20 long ass merges! i think he is a really cool chill guy albeit borderline gay and i am glad we have became friends although he likes to remind me 24/7 that i am not the brightest bulb in the toolbox xxx
Sent by Violets,Jan 19, 2018
okay i lied we met before august so more than a few months hehe xxx
Sent by Violets,Jan 19, 2018
Oh my god. I completely adore this person. We'll be super close at times and at times we won't talk for a while, but still we will always just this connection. I pick on him a lot, but I truly do love him and he means a lot to me. He's been my friend for years and I definitely know he'll be my friend for years to come, as well. Love you :*
Sent by Lemjam6,Jan 19, 2018
Well I don't really know you, but I still know that you are a nice guy :)
You helped me merging in survivor, forming an alliance and I appreciate that,  I know you are a really good guy :)
Sent by varlto,Jan 19, 2018
She was my very first friend here !
I mean, i started playing here for good in july/august 2017 and we meet in a rookies, she was very attencious with me and introduced me to a bunch of great people ! Since then, we talk a lot everyday, share things, she's very special for me ! The big sister i never had ! ;D
Sent by FelipeS,Jan 19, 2018
I'll pray for her. And that disgusting mouth of hers. She's missing in action, but we have always gotten along really well despite a few bumps in the road when she pulled some clownery I didn't like. A truly enjoyable Tengaged gem.
Sent by _Aria,Jan 19, 2018
me when Violets keeps her bulbs in toolboxes
Sent by Oliviaxoxo,Jan 19, 2018
Omg I'm DEAD that I got this person! We have our ups and our downs, we definitely use to be much much closer like back in 2015/start of 2016 and now we don't really talk much and I'm pretty sure they genuinely think I don't like them but i do and I find them funny!
Sent by MrOrange890,Jan 19, 2018
Known him for so long and he’s the loveliest person, just so chilled and down to earth. Loved following his travel adventures! Wouldn’t mind meeting him someday :)
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Jan 19, 2018
You’re a bro, fucking great at games, awesome friend.  we’ve been friends for a while now and you’re one of the few ppl I have on social media.
Sent by Gaiaphagee,Jan 19, 2018
Such a SAD SAD SAD individual hahaha no but seriously this guy is one of my best friends on here and I know that no matter what he will always have my back!! We have been friends for a long time and even though we both kinda ruined each others merge streaks, I know I can always count on him !!
Sent by smuguy2012,Jan 19, 2018
We talk a lot, he’s genuinely one of the sweetest people to me on the internet. Some of my other friends aren’t really fond of him but he’s an amazing friend nonetheless. Love him.
Sent by HaliFord,Jan 19, 2018
He's been a bro all these years and even tho he swears on the Bible left and right, I'm still proud of him for tossing his ring aside!
Sent by OldNewz,Jan 19, 2018
At first I really thought he disliked me back when we barely spoke and the Midnight Crew was still semi-OG. Then one night in Alf's gifting chat I think? Me, him and a couple more friends started talking and then we made a seperate chat and legit talked for four consecutive hours LMAO. I'm glad this moment happened and I'm glad I met him and got to know him well, because he's a good person.
Sent by KatarinaDuCouteau,Jan 19, 2018
She is one of the nicest people on this site. She has been nothing but nice and supportive to me although I'm a huge pain in the ass a lot of the time. Yes other people hate her and she can get fed up with other people very easily (especially when it comes to frookies) but she's such a nice person.
Sent by thewolfman,Jan 19, 2018
She is one of the nicest people on this site. She has been nothing but nice and supportive to me although I'm a huge pain in the ass a lot of the time. Yes other people hate her and she can get fed up with other people very easily (especially when it comes to frookies) but she's such a nice person.
Sent by thewolfman,Jan 19, 2018
cant believe he dated and owned fightermans 7.5 inch uncut cock
Sent by Petro,Jan 19, 2018
owes me 4 gifts xoxo
Sent by Maybelline,Jan 19, 2018
one of the nicest, if not the nicest person on the website, this person is very nice and is one of my best friends on here :)
Sent by C00LDUDE1000,Jan 19, 2018
Um, he's kinda weird; I still really like him tho <3
Sent by KateN7766,Jan 19, 2018
I love him! Haven't talked to him on call for awhile, but he was nothing but nice to me back when I was a noob.
Sent by rory17,Jan 19, 2018
This dude is absolutely amazing, gets way too much undeserved hate on here. We don't work well together in games at all but no matter how many times we fuck eachother over we know it's a game and can laugh about it later.
Sent by TheSexiestDude990,Jan 19, 2018
He is such a POSH lad, going out to dinners every night followed by some classic oxy and cocaine, just the norm. He’s fun to talk to and he knows a lot about random shit which is really interesting. Always a good time talking to him in chats, gremlin faggot
Sent by GiGi10,Jan 19, 2018
I had a feeling that was the person you'd give me, ha.
One of my first friends on tengaged, and tied for my oldest friend here that's still on the site (met her and someone else that's still a friend in the same game... almost 5 years ago wow I'm old). We used to be very close a few years ago, now we only talk every once in awhile. Back when I was new to this site, she introduced me to a ton of people when I knew no one so I have to be thankful for that. One of the nicest people on tengaged imo <3
Sent by Boy3shooter,Jan 19, 2018
Oh my god, I was hoping you’d say her!
This girl is such a sweetheart, no wonder why most of Tengaged likes her! I wish we talked more than we do currently, but we occasionally join games together and that’s when we get to talk haha
Amazing girl, she’s unique and has a heart of gold and I love her for that!
Sent by Temeky,Jan 19, 2018
absolutely adore him, we don't talk nearly as often as we used to but i always enjoy talking with him, gets far more hate than he deserves, one of the nicest people on here once you get to know him honestly
Sent by TheEclipse,Jan 19, 2018
Honestly, I like him. He's respectful, and I wish I could be his friend.
Sent by RealJacksonWalsh,Jan 19, 2018
Aww this was one of my first real friends on tengaged, she's an amazing person and extremely nice
Sent by adeleadele,Jan 19, 2018
Used to be REALLY good friends with this guy. We would go on calls all the time a few summers ago and became really close. We got distant as I am constantly on and off of this site. I thought our friendship meant something too him until he fucked me over in stars for 15th place.
Sent by MBG93,Jan 19, 2018
One of my favorites on the site by far. Such a sweet person and so easy to talk to. I think she's great and value our friendship a lot. I know she'll be there if i havr a problem anr vice versa!
Sent by woeisme,Jan 19, 2018
honestly one day i'll meet up with this legend and it'll be an iconic ass vlog
ik if i need to rant about games or shit i can call him and we can both insult each other like the bitches we are, we get along super well, definitely gonna be one of my best friends for a really long time
not going into more detail because the more i say the more it's given away
Sent by ashszoke,Jan 19, 2018
Definitely one of the nicest people on tengaged. Enjoy whenever we play games together
Sent by moretimer,Jan 19, 2018
We dont talk that much anymore but she is so nice, she is always there for her friends and ready to help anyone in need. We need more people like that.
Sent by Vlad21,Jan 19, 2018
omg I actually love this person, I don't really talk to them personally anymore but I always aligned with them in frooks and talked about BBUK and stuff so they're really cute and i'm here for them
Sent by QueenMichelle,Jan 19, 2018
Plussed this blog
Sent by heatherlum,Jan 19, 2018

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