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Tengaged Black Mirror: Full Exposure

4thJan 14, 2018 by SmoothStalker12
In a future society, there is a brand new reality tv show, called Full Exposure, broadcasted across the world. It features 24 men, all competing for the ultimate prize: freedom.

The contestants are forced to compete in physically exhausting tasks in order to remain in the competition. What makes this show different than others? The contestants are forced to be naked 24/7, for all the viewers to see. Technology advances will allow for the genitalia to be blurred out to younger viewers, but not to those who are 18 and up.

These men all have one thing in common: They are hiding a secret. Each one hiding their secret from the others, but if their secret is released to the public, they will face public humiliation and immediate incarceration. At the end of each episode, the loser of the draining competition will be picked up from the arena and transported directly toward prison. Their secret will remain unknown to the public until the finale night.

On finale night, we watch 4 competitors endure 4 of the most torturous rounds ever. Finally, we are down to the final 2. They are told they will be fighting to the death, but as soon as they start swinging, an alarm sounds. It turns out the public has been voting for the winner based on who they liked best.  The winner is announced, and the runner up is picked up and sent away.

What are their secrets? What they don't know is that they all were hiding the same exact secret. Within the past 3 years, they have engaged in pedophilia with the same underage girl. This girl was exposed to their genitalia while she was a minor, and now the entire world has seen what she had to see.  The 23 losers are forced to serve the sentence of being a pedophile, while the one winner is allowed to return to society. He thinks his secret was kept safe since he won, but will be faced with complete humiliation and public shaming because of his past actions. The public also feels ashamed for rooting for and voting for a pedophile, but it just shows how easy it is to hide your darkest secrets.

The final scene shows the winner about to return to society,  unaware to the fact that the public knows what he has done. He steps onto a stage, all the audience members aren't visible to him due to spotlights shining on him. A woman walks on stage and simply says

"You know what you did to me, and now, so do they". As she walks off stage, the room is quickly lit up, revealing the audience full of the male's loved ones and angry protesters. The camera pans across the screaming audience, the ashamed family and then finally the woman walking away, revealing her identity...... eliserose


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you need to cut out these essays
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oh my word
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best thing I've ever read
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i want this to be a book
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eliserose plz confirm I haven't sent you nudes PLZ CONFIRM
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This was so good wtf
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LOL malachite05 having a panic attack
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I can鈥檛 keep up with the tengaged drama but this was fun!
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