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My 21st Bday/ 2017 Reflection

4thJan 4, 2018 by SmoothStalker12
Hi TG, as you may know from Oliviaxoxo's lovely blog, yesterday was my 21st birthday! First off I wanna say thank you to everyone who participated and everyone who has sent individual messages, i appreciate all the love :) Also thank you so much for putting the blog together despite your crazy busy life Liv :)

I wanted to make a blog about 2017 not to brag about my life but because I think it was a journey that others can learn from. You'll see why.

2017 started out being a horrible year for me. I had a sinus infection on New Years Day and my birthday, and then got the stomach flu from work. On January 17th, I got into a car accident that honestly could have ended my life. (I was T boned by another driver right behind my driver's seat, my car was totaled and I was so shook). 4 days after the accident, I was shipped off to Europe where I wouldn't see my family for over 4 months, making me extremely nervous. All in all, it is fair to say my life wasn't the best.

My months abroad was absolutely the best time of my life, but you can read the specifics in the several blogs I made about it. I entered the trip a shy boy who knew like 4 of the 33 other students from my uni. By the end of the trip I had went to 12 countries, planned out weeks of travels, organized and hosted a 2 hour award show and made over 30 life long friends.

The summer I worked as a camp counselor and had an amazing time helping kids enjoy their summers! My coworkers became a new family for me as well and we all talk just about daily to this day, despite me being the only guy (what a ladies man, yes i am single!!!) Although it was stressful training and setting an example for the new employees, I don't regret a single day working at my camp.

This past semester was full of great memories with my many new friends. However, I was faced with an issue of romance conflict, which is rare for me. My best friend honestly saved me from a very toxic, potential, relationship. This girl and I got along so well in London and during the semester but she was very controlling of others and me, and would often just be rude knowing I wouldn't say anything back. I am very thankful my best friend recognized what was happening and helped me get back to reality, although I am still close friends with the controlling girl. IDK why I felt like including this, it's irrelevant but also was an obstacle I had to fix in order to succeed academically and socially! yolo kids

Lastly, I went on a religious retreat which really opened up my eyes and kinda does a full circle to the beginning of my year. Life is a gift and it can end at any moment. You shouldn't waste time with people who don't appreciate you for you. Everyone deserves to live life to the fullest and surround themselves with the people who show you the love you deserve. This past year I have learned a lot about myself and I honestly can say I've never been in a better place mentally and socially. I'm not saying you need to study abroad to enjoy life, but you need to get out of your comfort zone and make the effort to meet people. Everyone has a lot to offer you in life but you won't learn about their gift unless you make the initial leap of confidence!!!

That being said, I want to tag many of the friends I met on Tengaged in 2017 and appreciate what they've done for me :) I know i'll forget a ton of people from the summer but recency bias is getting the best of me tonight
gagaluv hey baby

Much love to all of my friends who stuck with me from the start to the very end of 2017, you know who you are!!!!!!!! Now that my birthday is over I look forward to continuing many friendships on this site :)


why am i not tagged what the fuck dont speak to me
Sent by FighterMan,Jan 4, 2018
ILYSM and hope your day was amazing cus you deserve it :*
Sent by JustMe,Jan 4, 2018
are you a NEW friend fighterman? no
Sent by SmoothStalker12,Jan 4, 2018
does it look like i CARE why am i not TAGGEd
Sent by FighterMan,Jan 4, 2018
Thx for your whole lifestory
Sent by jadennator1,Jan 4, 2018
why am i not tagged what the fuck dont speak to me
    Sent by FighterMan,Jan 4, 2018
Sent by useamint,Jan 4, 2018
Honestly teared up a lil bit... love u king of writing novels
Sent by AllieBoBallie,Jan 4, 2018
awww yeee!
Sent by Oliviaxoxo,Jan 4, 2018
Sent by GentlemanG,Jan 4, 2018
why am i not tagged what the fuck dont speak to me
    Sent by FighterMan,Jan 4, 2018
Sent by Music,Jan 4, 2018
Happy birthday king love you <3
Sent by Christian_,Jan 4, 2018
happy late birthday :)
Sent by nathanmb,Jan 4, 2018
<3 love you
Sent by Gardenia,Jan 4, 2018
Is anyone actually gonna read this
Sent by DanielleDonato,Jan 4, 2018
Happy belated birthday Calvin
Sent by damo1990,Jan 5, 2018
Happy Birthday!!!!
Sent by gagaluv,Jan 5, 2018
What a great read! Happy birthday
Sent by spartagow,Jan 5, 2018

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