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  1. Is this guy gay?
  2. the fat
  3. is THIS guy gay?
  4. is this guy gay?
  5. what the fuck?
  7. we really out here
  8. how you gon lose a fight
  9. any other shims here?
  10. this website is so full
  11. tell me somethin.
  12. NYGa snapped
  13. So, by request...
  14. its so crazy
  15. its so crazy
  16. imagine being zachbbs
  17. to answer your question
  18. if you love god
  19. at least i dont
  20. :I
  22. The Invisible Man
  23. theres a premade in stars?
  24. konaohavillage1 is a PUNK bitch
  25. OwO
  26. waiting desperately for 211
  28. Guess who back in the house?
  29. what time does staws enrollment start
  30. Please. I am begging you.
  31. is this guy gay?
  32. i just wanna go back
  33. dont quote me on this but
  34. tfw
  35. post a gif of you negging fighterman
  36. here comes
  37. hey so ummm
  38. happy halloween im bjork
  39. i think instead
  40. so if ur out with ur girls...

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So, by request... Oct 25, 2018
image konohavillage1 would like for me to make a blog describing my daughters with ONLY one word!  One day kono and I were in a game together, and I posted a pic, and said it was my daughters. SOOOO, ever since then, kono, and a few others have not let me live that down... here is the pic of my daughters!

hahahahahaha! :)  Have fun!
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its so crazy Oct 25, 2018
how wakiza couldnt get anybody up of her own volition and complained about how nobody wanted to nominate the premade but the premade had no problem getting each other up without her. shame she clearly did absolutely nothing
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its so crazy Oct 25, 2018
seeing how much yall hate black people but honestly its not so surprising coming from a brasilian and a friend of gagaluv

edit: this was very specifically about two people talkin about kono but damn go off i guess
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imagine being zachbbs Oct 25, 2018
like what would you have to do in your past life to be punished so heavily with your reincarnation
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to answer your question Oct 25, 2018
calebdaboss since a certain fabric has me filtered, its cold on survivor at night girl they out in the open who wouldnt want a jacket
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if you love god Oct 25, 2018
you will evict konohavillage1 who is a satanic bisexual demon who hosts ritual orgies and is greedy and thinks he can choose between women AND men
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