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  1. Very Important Question...
  2. ahmed SURE talks a LOT about patrick
  3. listen... tired of this disrespect...
  4. designing tips:
  5. what is up with people on this website
  6. tarag really needs 2 get some help
  7. well as long as yoshitomi wins
  8. tht popularity tournament is awful
  9. slurpin on ma gurt
  10. everyone else is making blogs
  11. hewwo...
  12. if any of you hoes
  13. anyways in other news
  14. yall are sooooooo mad
  15. admin really be like
  16. whether its good decisions, bad decisions,
  18. anyways now that the discussion is going
  19. in case y'all didn't know
  20. you... you love it how i move, you...
  21. the design rules are outdated...
  22. H... hewwo? owo
  23. ive seen you on campus eggplant emoji
  24. ok so err..... anyone wanna gift me
  25. if u love ummm eating snacks
  26. hey...umm.. i have smthn important 2 ask...
  27. oh i see....the owner is called burger.....
  28. hewwo... anybody out thewe?
  29. G.. hewwo?
  30. Whey did I open tnegaged
  32. Heysbso I’ce had a fe
  33. I personally think
  34. So who on this website
  35. i can be all the things you told me not to be
  36. yall have like worms in your brain
  37. im the person raving on the blogs page
  38. whats the difference between
  39. i cant believe THE lemonface is online...
  40. i can tell u one thing

ILoveSleep is DoubleRainbow

Dec 14, 2017 by Slice
pokemaster CAN prove


And he’s also a mumpty
Sent by konohavillage1,Dec 14, 2017

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