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Dec 14, 2017 by Slice
I think I need to clear a few things up. The rumors about me are out of control. Normally I don't pay attention or validate them with a response because I figure if you really know me you would never believe such silly things. Also, some recent things have been very personal and I really don't like to talk about those sort of things on Tengaged.
With regards to Ken, I obviously made a mistake. There is no excuse for it and I will not ask you to feel sorry for me because there is no reason. I personally think that a lot of the information that people think they have with regards to that story is either grossly exaggerated or simply false. I also wonder why people would defend someone who would post nude pictures of a girl on internet websites for a laugh. Regardless, I will take the full blame.

I have been in an emotionally and sometimes phsically abusive marriage for a long time. I was embarassed to say this to very many people for several reasons. Most of you are too young to understand this but people stay in relationships like this for all sorts of reasons. My husband kept very tight control of money so I had none. I have been continually worried about my children not having a dad and the struggle it is to be a single parent. I wasn't able to finish college for a number of reasons when I was young so finding a good job to support my kids would be difficult. Those are only a few of the worries I had and the reasons I stayed.

On the day that the picture was posted to my husbands facebook he picked up the kids and didn't come home. Even though he knew about the picture and the situation with Ken before it was posted, he still refused to answer my phone calls or let me know where the kids were. I found out later that he immeadiately filed for divorce and for a protection order against me. I in the mean time called the police and with help was able to file for a protection order. With out going into the details of what happened I will say that my protection order was granted and his was denied. Ever since then I have had my children and we have been safe together. I have since, with the help and advice of my lawyer, dropped the protection order and allowed him to spend some time with the kids.
If you want to think that you ruined my life you can. I think that one day you may look back on this moment in your life with deep regret for doing and saying such things to another person.

I think that in a way Tengaged has saved my life. I don't know that I ever would have had the courage to leave if this hadn't happened. I am starting my life all over again and am thrilled to discover all the new possibilities I have.

As far as the question of why did I join Stars with all of this going on. The answer is simple. Today is the first day that my husband has the kids in three weeks. I cleaned the house and did my homework and realized ... I have nothing to do for two more days! Two people sent me a pm around that time begging me to join Stars and on a whim I joined. I hope I have time to play and can stay for awhile in the game but even if I don't make it very far it will keep my mind busy thinking of something other than all of my personal problems.

Isn't that why we all love Tengaged? It's a world outside of our own that we can escape to during the day. I know that is why I have always come back. I get put down a lot because I am not "adult" enough but that is another reason why I love Tengaged. I can be as silly and stupid as I like :) I don't get to do that in real life very much. 

This is sooo long and honestly I am a little emotionally drained by writing it all down at once. I hope this clears up a few things and I hope that if you have questions or hear a rumor that you will ask me.

PS. The reason I wrote this blog now and not earlier is because someone decided to go through Minnesota public records and find out information about my divorce and show everyone. Otherwise this blog would have never been written. I don't want you pity vote if I got up in STARS. Honestly, I would rather you vote me out than keep me cause you felt sorry for me.


If you’re looking for a dude or in the preggers mood
Sent by konohavillage1,Dec 14, 2017
holy shit, did someone really try to break up your marriage by posting a photo?? The level some people stoop to here disgusts me.
Sent by __A__,Dec 14, 2017

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