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  1. #LetSteveSpeak
  2. so i live with assisted care
  3. i just want to say that
  4. so normally
  5. who else here love die
  6. is it cold in the water?
  7. how much do shops cost now
  8. portuguese legends
  9. heres the tea: the real enemy is....
  10. oh u a fool for filtering me
  11. gender aint real!!!
  12. when i see a faggot i FLOOR it
  14. im goknba?
  15. hewwo...
  16. boyfriend appreciation post
  17. + this if u just got back & lost 140lbs
  18. I'm back & I lost 141lbs!
  19. Uhhhhhhhhhhhghhhhhh
  20. ok + this blog if you think
  21. so........................................
  22. I . can’t . understand . your . accent
  23. bewwo
  24. anyone wanna gift for gift
  25. who else here loves
  26. randomize needs to ring up noelsarah
  27. give everyone access to the mod panel
  28. i say we ban
  29. this site is curséd
  30. FASHION SHOW .!!!!!!! SHOW
  31. FASHION SHOW .!!!!!!! SHOW
  32. anyways
  33. NEW Bjork Volta Cover Outfit
  34. getting that sasha avatar as a BOGO
  35. I Would Fuck Him
  36. yes, communism,
  37. I'm gonna be real here for a sec.
  38. of course the stock market
  39. this is boring
  40. new avatar


Oct 14, 2017 by Slice
who the fuck made that niall hair pitch black, tossed the .png in a toaster and then said it was by an unknown designer dnsklfdgnsfnlhnfg


what the fck is ur avi
Sent by FighterMan,Oct 14, 2017
Same perpetrator as THIS recolor?
Sent by _Aria,Oct 14, 2017
fighterman this is how i lok... what are u trying to say...
Sent by Slice,Oct 14, 2017
Sent by Icing,Oct 14, 2017
tossed it in the toaster JUST coz it has black ears? racist smh
Sent by 2388,Oct 14, 2017

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