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  2. ariana really gave it all on this album
  3. ooh ladies sweetener is full of jams
  4. bitch i'm a cow... bitch i'm a cow
  5. anyone wanna Geeft for Geeft
  6. If you don't want people getting involved
  7. how do some people
  8. next thing you know
  9. of course
  10. anyone else on this website
  11. :S
  12. do anybody else think
  13. -_-
  14. Flex Tape #1
  15. Hewwo... Evewybody...
  16. wow so thats
  17. best tengaged cyber
  18. they need pedos like me...
  19. thank god
  20. waow i look cute!!!!
  21. yall need to stop this rapping nonsense
  22. you want some me so bad?
  24. 5 inch waist here
  25. the people on this website
  26. good thing xxx is still rotting in hell
  27. 5.. 4... 3 2 1 LEVEL UP
  28. dress my abatar
  29. i do have to say
  30. if someone spent MONTHS
  31. everyone on this website
  32. 11:11 make a dish
  33. taylor swift cant even run a note
  34. does anyone else
  35. wow admin is gonna wear
  36. OwO
  37. ur both fools
  38. heres a PATHETIC mail from some LOSER!
  39. i wanna start a fight with someone else
  40. also whichever tv star went thru my blogs


Oct 2, 2017 by Slice
a right to bear arms =/= a right to go to your local walmart and pop a purch on a cute new rifle


Sent by Zuelke,Oct 2, 2017
It's the American way
Sent by Kiara_xoxo,Oct 2, 2017
If I saw ur avatar irl I'd shoot u (with my cummies ofc)
Sent by peace123,Oct 2, 2017

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