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  1. It鈥檚 so funny
  2. Still the truest blog in existence
  3. Tyler haters make me smh
  4. I鈥檓 tired of idiots calling Level 6 boring
  5. Brought back a juror
  6. Resurrect me Scottie
  7. Top 10 Best BB Men & Women
  8. I fucking hate Battle Backs
  9. I officially don鈥檛 like Haleigh like at all
  10. You know you made it on here
  11. Daniele (Donato) still has the best hiding spot
  12. Story Time! (This is good, just read)
  13. Big Brother shouted out A Boogie
  14. I fully want Brett to win BB20
  15. Haleigh was always stupid af
  16. It is 9/8/6 AM & y鈥檃ll are spamming me??
  17. Fessy & Haleigh are legit cancelled.
  18. Watching Fessy sprint & leap
  19. Um
  20. Brad is just sexy 馃い
  21. There better NOT be a jury revival
  22. No title
  23. I seriously just saw
  24. I wish Tyler
  25. How this week NEEDS to go
  26. Did Clay actually
  27. Flamer gays really think
  28. I鈥檓 so content Bayleigh is leaving (:
  29. Rockstar has been
  30. I keep
  31. Imagine hating men so much
  32. Someone fill me in
  33. BB20 cast as Friday The 13th Game counselors
  34. The Challenge really went to shit
  35. After Rachel leaves
  36. Brett needs to win the veto!
  37. Why can鈥檛 Scottie be HOH again?
  39. Can Brett just fuck me already
  40. How lit would this probably be?

Best Black Mirror episodes, from any & all seasons

Jan 3, 2018 by Skyler_TW

(I have seen 6 eps so I may have seen any you list. I don't think any will beat USS Callister)


s1- both fifteen million merits and the entire history of you are really good
s2- white bear, but white christmas is better if you count that as an s2 episode
s3- haven't watched most but hated in the nation is amazing
s4- probably black museum, i personally really enjoyed arkangel and metalhead but they're not for everyone
Sent by Absol,Jan 3, 2018
Absol Bless at you not naming a single one I've watched. (Besides the entire history of you which is one of my tops)

I had my eye on Arkangel after viewing the season 4 titles/descriptions.

The Christmas one & Fifteen million merits I peeped weeks ago & wanted to watch. Same as hated in the nation cos I heard that's a good'n.

Recommend me one of those 3 or arkangel!
Sent by Skyler_TW,Jan 3, 2018
Watch Arkangel its so iconic
Sent by peace123,Jan 3, 2018
Aight peace123
Sent by Skyler_TW,Jan 3, 2018
S2 - White Bear
Sent by Girllover101,Jan 3, 2018
Hated in the Nation
Sent by EM002,Jan 3, 2018

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