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For Every 50 Points (UPDATED!)

4thOct 29, 2012 by SkillzDatKillz
I will reveal a secret about myself. They will start off on the surface level, but then slowly get deeper as the points increase.

50-I have been kicked out of my house twice before college and had to live with my grandparents. (I was 9 and 13 when this happened)

100-My parents changed my name at the last minute

150-I use to be socially awkward and barely talked to anybody.

200-My best friend died when I was 8 years old. I have been a wreck ever since.

250-I was forced to get a job at the age of 14 to pay for my high school

300-I was once a fat kid back from 4th-7th grade.

350-I got lost in the woods while camping for almost an entire day.

400-My ex dumped me for the guy I hate the most. (Thankfully they broke up a week later)

450-I have never got anything below a B in my life.

500-Never broke a bone in my entire life.

550-I was conceived before my parents got married.

600-Lost my virginity my freshman year of high school :/ One of my dumbest decisions ever.

650-My grandparents were rich back in Greece before they moved here to America.

700-My parents think I'm gay :/

750-I almost died from a seizure once.

800-I have trust issues

850-I was almost forced to move up a grade because they didn't have any more classes for me to take in grade school.

900-My parents almost got a divorce.


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"250-I was forced to get a job at the age of 14 to pay for my high school

Isn't enrollment like $150/year? lol
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not if you go into a private school :/
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+11 :)
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