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Bought Brown!

17thJul 20, 2012 by SkillzDatKillz
Ahhhhh so close to black now! PYN and I'll say something I like or something nice about you.

tharealmike -You are one of my good friends here on the site and I think you are a great guy all around. *Michigan Pride

clueliz -I love your avatar! She is sooooo damn pretty :)

smi9127 -You are a great guy and you are even better for making the best frat I've ever joined and that is Ohana. Glad you are the president of it.

jakedavid13 -I loved playing that Survivor group game with you. You are a great friend and ally. Hope we get to play again sometime.

qwerty3000 -You are a really nice guy and I promise soon (once I finally watch some episodes from Africa), I'll go back to my ranking.

maxi1234 -You are a fierce chick in the games I played with you and on top of that, your avatar is really pretty. Damn you are 2 for 2.

helencoops -Your avatar is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty and you are such a sweetheart. Really nice and a good friend.

mooocoww -Ahhhhh I'm sooo happy we get to do another castings together!! You are sooo funny, nice and pretty. All are great qualities that equal a beautiful human being. :)

blitszims -You are soooooooooooo nice and that one casting we played in was awesome! You are such a sweetheart and your avatar is beautiful.

dmann -You are a beast kpg wise. Damn I wish I had stats like you. Also you should do a stars again soon as I was rooting for you the last time around back in like...June lol.

o_Elle_o -I love your name first off. Second, you seem like one fierce chick that would kick anyone's ass if they mess with you. I respect that a lot. I'm also jealous of your kpg. Dammmmnnnn you good!

bobrocks333 -I love that you have a nicki minaj link on your profile. You have a great taste in music :) You seem like a really nice guy with great kpg. I hope we get to talk more :)

lonelypuppie -I'm still upset when I read your name because I can't imagine the fact of a lonely puppie :/ But you are sooooooooooooo nice and very pretty :)

dalagninja -I love that shirt of yours! Ahhh I want it. You seem like a really nice guy and I hope we get to talk more sometime.

diamond1894 -You seem like one tough bitch that don't take no shit and I respect that about people. I don't want to get into an argument with you lol.

greenivo -Your avatar is on the verge of being hot. Just get the mouth and eyes :) You seem like a really funny and nice guy and those are great characteristics to have in life.

joeker -You are one of my good friends on this site and I hope we get to play another group game sometime. We make such a kickass team.

js21 -I remember playing with you in Suitman's Survivor Series. We didn't play together but I feel if we would, we would be a good long as I don't troll :)

MrMinaj -Love the name. < 3 Nicki Minaj!!!! All I am gonna say though is watch out because she is mine :p

thesexiestdude990 -I love the name first off. I was thinking of having my name be something like that..but I decided not to. You are a really cool guy and I hope we can play another group game soon.

kingb24 -Chase, you are one of my great friends on this site. We haven't talked lately but I know you always have my back and I always have your back. We need to play another castings sometime...those are fun :)

hinata0014 -You are a great friend that I met in Link's Survivor Group Game. Too bad we didn't make the final 2 though. You are really nice and a genuine person.

atti12 -I haven't really talked to you much, but you seem to be really nice and a very outgoing person.

ghoul -You have been one of my good friends on this site. Still don't know how to react to your random Gabe Cade love, but it is all good because Vecepia is still the best from that season.

robinhood99 -aww I like Robin Hood. Stole from the rich and gave to the poor. I hope you are not a stealer like him though, but I love the name and I hope we get to talk more on here.

jenii_valenta -Awww you are soooo sweet!! I absolutely love your avatar mermaid. Soooo cute. You are really sweet and nice and I hope that we can talk more in the future. (maybe when I get black?) lol :)

malachite05 -You are really good at this game seeing your kpg. Dammmnnnn. Maybe some day you can give me some pointers lol.

paintball -You are one of my best friends on this site. You are funny, smart, and easy to get along with. I love when we do our fasting games with Derrek. Sooo much fun. I hope you do my charity game coming up soon! Can't wait for that. Love ya like a brother.

xcelestex -awwwwww you have such a really cute avatar! I'm also jealous of your hoppip hat! ahhhhhhh soooo cute. You seem really sweet and a really nice person.

mintcokeify -I love your name. It is just something about it that is sooooo cool :) Your avatar is really pretty and I'm pretty sure it resembles you well in real life.

#mutiny -your hunger games shirt is awesome with the eyes. I need a pair of those! You seem like a really nice and down to earth person which is good because we need people like that on this site. I hope we can talk more though in the future.

#scheuerman14 -wow I love your blue avatar! Really classy blue guy right there. You seem like a really nice guy and I hope we can talk in the future.

#tyboy618 -awww I like your avi. Soo nice. So seem really nice and laid back and I like that about people. Hope we get to talk in the future.


Sent by tharealmike,Jul 20, 2012
congrats SkillzDatKillz  :P
Sent by clueliz,Jul 20, 2012
yay grats
Sent by smi9127,Jul 20, 2012
Grats skillzdatkillz :)
Sent by JakeDavid13,Jul 20, 2012
I'm from Michigan too!
Sent by Qwerty3000,Jul 20, 2012
Grats!< 3 xoxo
Sent by Maxi1234,Jul 20, 2012
Congratulations x
Sent by HelenCoops,Jul 20, 2012
Grats xx
Sent by MoooCoww,Jul 20, 2012
Congrats :)
Sent by Blitszims,Jul 20, 2012
Sent by dmann,Jul 20, 2012
hey :)
Sent by o_Elle_o,Jul 20, 2012
congrats :)
Sent by BOBROCKS333,Jul 20, 2012
:O Congrats SkillzDatKillz
Sent by lonelypuppie,Jul 20, 2012
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Grats Logan :)
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Grats! (=
Sent by atti12,Jul 20, 2012
Sent by Ghoul,Jul 20, 2012
Sent by Robinhood99,Jul 20, 2012
Yayyyyy congrats skillzdatkillz! one more step until black level =]

Sent by Jenii_Valenta,Jul 20, 2012
Sent by malachite05,Jul 20, 2012
Sent by Paintball,Jul 20, 2012
Well done :) congrats!
Sent by xCelestex,Jul 20, 2012
me grats =]
Sent by MintCokeify,Jul 20, 2012
Congrats on getting brown!!! :D
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Me :)

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me :)
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