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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

THJYMTC: Round 3 (Submission Phase)

Sep 22, 2021 by SirNiceGuy
And then there were eight. Welcome to your next round. Now that we have the first two rounds out of the way, hopefully I can afford to get a little wacky with the themes. For now though, I'll keep it fairly simple:

~~ROUND 3 THEME: Uncharted Waters~~

What does that name mean? It's pretty simple: No songs that charted on the Hot 100 of either of the Billboard Hot 100, Rolling Stones Top 100 Songs, or UK Official Singles Chart will be allowed. I'm looking mainly for released singles that failed to chart here, though I will accept album deep cuts. If you aren't sure if a song charted, check Wikipedia (if the song doesn't have an entry, check the album's article or simply Google it) or ask me in PMs, I will gladly research it for you.

Submissions will be due 9:00 PM on Saturday, September 25th. Remember, if you need more time, PLEASE message me. With that said, get to it.



10th. #oswordo3
9th. #Absol


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Welp here you go
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~CLOSED~. I’ll get to judging by Saturday, but I have an exam soon so don’t be shocked if I delay it slightly.
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