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Imagine shittalking me in a chat

Apr 19, 2021 by Singsongers
And not realizing I’m in the chat... kinda embarrassing.


i mean ur being homophobic on a website that doesnt allow homophobia,

Sent by Stunzer,Apr 19, 2021
u being homophobic to a user that clearly doesnt know ur joking/isnt comfortable with what ur saying is the embarrassing part friend
Enjoy your ban
Sent by peace123,Apr 19, 2021
Stunzer Peace123 As a open gay man you people are so funny getting triggered by me being “homophobic” get a hobby
Sent by Singsongers,Apr 19, 2021
ily king.... Pls don't be mean to whoever in ur game if you are actually ( i haven't looked at what this is about )

Sent by top20fan33,Apr 19, 2021
top20fan33 LMAO I was just saying I hate gay people. As a gay person I feel I can say that!
Sent by Singsongers,Apr 19, 2021

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