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  1. I did a political compass test
  2. Over the past few months...
  3. Crazy to think it has been 100 years..
  4. *logs into TG*
  5. The best moment of any Big Brother season..
  6. So I come onto Tengaged..
  7. It's my 10 year Tengaged anniversary
  8. You don't have to come and confess!
  9. Don't be a hater dear.
  10. I rarely visit Tengaged now
  11. Has admin been exposed yet?
  12. lol was
  13. Lets be real
  14. Not gonna lie
  15. I can't @ Sam..
  16. Who were AFP top 3/
  17. Most forgettable winner ever?
  18. Julie is expected to announce..
  19. TMZ has the tea!
  20. I thought I could contain my sneeze..
  22. Ross and Marissa's show is so bad
  23. What's good on Netflix?
  24. Brent for AFP!!
  25. BBUK will be saved?!
  26. From outside the Big Brother house..
  27. Anyone got a BBUK link?
  28. Julie Chen is going...
  29. BB21 should have 18 houseguests
  30. Julie's ever growing name
  31. If you had told me 10 years ago..
  32. Celebrity Big Brother US is already renewed
  33. Who should replace Julie?
  34. Brett's sat there confused...
  35. Poor Brett
  36. Kaycee and Angela suck
  37. Bye Brett
  38. Double eviction night
  39. Brett knows.
  40. Please send home the minion fucker


Aug 19, 2018 by Simplyobsessed
... Yoshitomi says "be transparent and tell us who you are banning and why" and then Admin  blogs "Transparency" with a link to a list of who is getting banned and why. Admin is basically her bitch #StrongPowerfulWoman


that's a good thing if so cuz yoshitomi is the people's choice for moderator
Sent by zakisaboss,Aug 19, 2018
I knew you secretly loved her :')
I ship it.
Sent by Catch_a_falling_star,Aug 19, 2018
That's because it made good sense and Henna explained the point well. Luckily this moderator seems to really be trying and listening, so I'm sure others who are cohesive and logical can have a strong impact too. :)
Sent by 75937563748,Aug 19, 2018
Yoshitomi can you tell admin i deserve to earn more t's?
Sent by CheapCheep,Aug 19, 2018

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