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  1. Its what France deserves.
  3. What is the better show?
  4. I don't log on here much anymore.
  5. Do I have time to rewatch..
  6. Remember when Randomize cared about this site?
  7. This Wendy bitch from Survivor.
  8. International Women's Day is trash.
  9. Laura got evicted from BBCAN7
  10. Did Gagaluv threaten to beat someone up?
  11. Justin Trudeau was an embarrassment to Canada..
  12. + for Pokemon Sword
  13. I hope I win Oscars bingo!
  14. I just checked the BBCAN7 Wikipedia page.
  15. Male to female transgender people..
  16. If this is the end...
  17. roses are red
  18. The Superbowl is trash
  19. 10 rules to make the world a better place.
  20. What did Lolo do?
  21. Gay marriage is wrong
  22. I only played Stars once
  23. Why is nobody joining stars?
  24. RIP to Simplyobsessed
  25. Anthony so obviously quit
  26. Who is going home in CBB2?
  27. What TV show should I watch?
  28. i think tamar is mentally ill
  29. How do u put Lindsay Lohan's mother in..
  30. I hate this bald woman
  31. Feeds started 30 mins ago
  32. I hope Tom is evicted
  33. Please nominate her
  34. i'd fuck the pink team
  35. Who is this one testicle "comedian"?
  36. Bitch u filmed that on Wednesday
  37. Celebrity BB starts tonight?!
  38. IT IS MA'AM!
  39. 10 minutes until the Brexit shit hits the fan!
  40. Brexit is about to hit a 10 on the crazy scale


Aug 19, 2018 by Simplyobsessed
... Yoshitomi says "be transparent and tell us who you are banning and why" and then Admin  blogs "Transparency" with a link to a list of who is getting banned and why. Admin is basically her bitch #StrongPowerfulWoman


that's a good thing if so cuz yoshitomi is the people's choice for moderator
Sent by zakisaboss,Aug 19, 2018
I knew you secretly loved her :')
I ship it.
Sent by Catch_a_falling_star,Aug 19, 2018
That's because it made good sense and Henna explained the point well. Luckily this moderator seems to really be trying and listening, so I'm sure others who are cohesive and logical can have a strong impact too. :)
Sent by 75937563748,Aug 19, 2018
Yoshitomi can you tell admin i deserve to earn more t's?
Sent by CheapCheep,Aug 19, 2018

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