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  1. Trump just threatened war..
  2. I'm so done with Sam
  3. Do we have mods again?
  4. + for Croatia
  5. Winston
  6. Why are so many people on social media
  7. Look how big the UK anti Trump protests are
  8. This is flying over the UK during Trump's visit
  9. 2 guys evicted already?
  10. Trump is coming to the UK today
  11. HELLO
  12. YES LOL
  13. + for England
  14. Colombia are a disgrace.
  15. Every time I find a hot Sim...
  16. BB20 is probably the only opportunity..
  17. I like Sam but
  18. Trump wants deportations...
  19. Bye Germany
  20. I bet all your boyfriends turned out to be..
  21. Anyone who calls themselves 'Swaggy'..
  22. Shut up old racist lady
  23. lol this Belgium vs England game..
  24. I hope the BB producers learned from BB19
  26. Hannah Baker deserved all she got.
  27. Donald J Trump
  28. I'm rooting for the following teams to lose
  29. YOU GET A CAR!
  30. BB20 HOUSE!
  31. Will USA win world cup 2018?
  32. I am no fool
  33. Turned on the World Cup
  34. They're not cages!
  35. Why is the party of "family values"..
  36. I didn't hate Winston in that interview
  37. How has CBS managed to get..
  38. Winston must go
  39. Republicans control presidency, senate, house
  40. After I called Trump a fascist.

+ if u would like Timster more if he was white

Jan 3, 2018 by Simplyobsessed


Black guys are more liked than white guys #fact
Sent by Timster,Jan 3, 2018

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