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  1. I'm rooting for the following teams to lose
  3. BB20 HOUSE!
  4. Will USA win world cup 2018?
  5. I am no fool
  6. Turned on the World Cup
  7. They're not cages!
  8. Why is the party of "family values"..
  9. I didn't hate Winston in that interview
  10. How has CBS managed to get..
  11. Winston must go
  12. Republicans control presidency, senate, house
  13. After I called Trump a fascist.
  14. The BB20 gay is a dwarf
  15. Why should Mexico pay for the wall?
  16. I have concluded that Trump...
  17. Has Dotard been impeached yet?
  18. Paul gets 2nd in BB20
  19. The USA
  20. Saudi Arabia vs Russia..
  21. 4 returnees for BB20 revealed.
  22. IDK what
  23. Actual footage (gif)
  24. I can only imagine...
  25. Anyone remember Danielle BB14?
  26. Brexit is peaking right now
  27. What is the best TV show ever?
  28. Trump's words
  29. #FuckTrump
  30. Trump's trade war is backfiring
  31. Does
  32. Hello
  33. Sorry to any Americans but
  34. 21 days until Sims 4: Seasons
  35. Who remembers when the BB15..
  36. I was looking forward to the BB themed TAR
  37. He messaged me..
  38. The best thing about BB19
  39. I hate caterpillars
  40. Remember when Allison Grodner..

Is Kent the first BBUS person to die?

Jan 1, 2018 by Simplyobsessed


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simplyobsessed what does Etienne's asshole taste like
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