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  1. Updated my blog pic.
  2. If the guy who killed MLK was still alive..
  3. I feel like the less intelligent someone is..
  4. Racism is a social construct..
  5. Tell Cersei (pic)
  6. Trump is like a weak HoH...
  7. Audible is so good lmao
  8. Oprah wins Celebrity BBUSA
  9. Trump's racist comment..
  10. Paul appears on BB20 Allstars
  11. So many BBUK people have died
  12. Decent countries should allow less immigrants..
  13. Trump reached a new level of stupidity
  14. Rodrigo from BB10 UK died
  15. The same people who in 2016...
  16. Ranking Etienne's holes
  17. To the Americans on this site
  18. No title
  19. I'm expecting BB20 to be allstars..
  20. White American men..
  21. + for Oprah 2020
  22. Monkey Loves You!
  23. Face to face nominations
  24. Why are Americans so obsessed..
  25. I'm gonna read that Trump book soon
  26. I checked out the Golden Globe results..
  27. If you're waiting for The 100 season 5
  28. No title
  29. No title
  30. CBBUK is full of...
  31. Big Brother Canada season rankings
  32. No title
  33. I had a dream..
  34. Trump's first tweet of February
  35. I really want to read..
  36. This is like a Black Mirror episode
  37. *facepalm*
  38. + if u would like Timster more if he was white
  39. Ann from CBB is a homophobe..
  40. Can we take a second to acknowledge..

Is Kent the first BBUS person to die?

Jan 1, 2018 by Simplyobsessed


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simplyobsessed what does Etienne's asshole taste like
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