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Big Brother Season 1

Jul 12, 2019 by Silver09
Week 1
14 house guests enter the big brother house, excited to play the first ever season.None of them know the rules of the game but they will learn as time goes on. Immediately, Zak goes to multiple people trying to form bonds and alliances. Ashley, Renny and Zac hit it off and make a deal to protect each other. Zac also makes an alliance with Steven who he thinks is trustworthy. Kaleb forms a group with Sasha, Zak and Jules, but made a core three with Sasha and Zak, excluding Jules. Zak makes one more alliance with someone and that person is Renny, she reminds him of his mom.

The HoH Competition begins and the top 3 are John, Stephen and Jules but John ended up pulling it out and won HoH. John nominates Kaleb and Glenn because he's the least connected with them in the house. In the POV comp John, Kaleb, Glenn, Alexis, Renny and Sasha participated. Kaleb won the power of veto and used it to save himself, John named Ashley as the replacement.

Ashley goes into game mode and tries to make more connections so she can stay, she hits it off with Amanda and hopes she secured her vote to stay. Kaleb didn't expect to be targeted by someone so early in the game, he has an emotional breakdown. Glenn pleads for his life to Claire, Claire tells him that she thinks he has the votes to stay but Renny is targeting him. Glenn calls out Renny and says if he stays that she is his target from now on.

Majority of the house wanted Glenn gone because it was an easy vote and they perceive him to be more strategic then Ashley. On eviction day, by a vote of 8-3 Glenn is evicted from the big brother house. His votes to stay were Sasha, Stephen and Alexis, they had identical relationships with both noms so they threw votes at Ashley.

Week 2
Ashley is thankful that her house guest saved her but she thought she was staying unanimously, she now has her eyes on Sasha, Stephen and Alexis. Jackson wins the endurance HoH comp, he nominates Sasha and Jeremy. Sasha and Jeremy discuss how Jackson is a misogynist and racist, and that's why he put them up together. The rest of the house are pretty okay with these noms and are just glad they didn't get put up.

In the POV comp Jackson, Sasha, Jeremy, Claire, Alexis and Renny compete, Jackson wins the power of veto and keeps the noms the same. Sasha relies on her alliance of Kaleb, Zak, and Jules to keep her in the game but Kaleb sees Sasha as a threat so he's unsure on who he's evicting. Ashley campaigns for Sasha to go, saying that she's a threat and untrustworthy. Ashley pulls Claire, John, Kaleb, Stephen and Jackson in the room and tells them that they could tie the vote and send Sasha home, the meeting goes well and they agree to vote that way. Alexis, Amanda, Jules, Renny and Zac are left in the dark and think the vote is Jeremy. Kaleb wants Sasha out so bad that he's whiling to flip on his alliance to take her out.

On the day of eviction Amanda and Jules have a disagreement and Jules lashes out at Amanda. Amanda cries and the house consoles her, while Jules is told to calm down. Everyone gets ready for eviction and everyone thinks the person there evicting is going home. The votes come out as 5-5, Jackson as HoH has to evict either Sasha or Jeremy, he votes to evict Sasha.

Week 3
Jules, Zak, Alexis, Amanda, and Renny are in shock, but the rest of the house guest do damage control, Jeremy is thankful to the group that saved him. Jules and Zak discuss on why Kaleb kept them in the dark, but they agree that they need him in the game. The HoH comp starts, it's trivia and Jules won. Jules nominated Amanda and Jeremy, her reason was Amanda and her just got in a fight and she just evicted Jeremy.

People competing in the POV are Jules, Amanda, Jeremy, Alexis, John, and Kaleb, John won the POV. John isn't close with Amanda or Jeremy so he keeps the noms the same. While on the block Jeremy and Amanda have bonded they both feel alone in the game. Claire makes an effort to improve her relationships but it comes off as fake to some of the house guests, especially Jules. Zak invents a new game so things can get more light hearted. The group that saved Jeremy last round now wants him out, Ashley, Jackson, John, Kaleb, and Stephen. There leaving out Claire and Stephen, because they would rather see Amanda leave the house.

By a vote of 5-4 Jeremy is evicted from the Big Brother house.

Week 4
Amanda is happy and sad at the same time, she stayed but lost her good friend Jeremy. House guests are stuck in a box and whoever is the last one standing wins HoH, Stephen is the new HoH. Stephen wants this to be an easy week, he doesn't want to make waves, he nominates Alexis and Amanda. Amanda feeling alone in the house, breaks down, she doesn't understand why these people want her out.

People in the POV comp are Stephen, Alexis, Amanda, Jules, Claire, and Renny, the top 3 are Claire, Jules and Amanda. Jules wins the power of veto, she keeps the noms the same. Once again Ashley, Jackson, John, and Kaleb come together and decide they want Alexis out because she really doesn't talk to them, they also pull in Jules. Claire and Zak want to keep Alexis around so they try to campaign for her but only Renny wants Alexis to stay as well. John confronts Alexis and tells her, he's voting he out, Alexis gets defensive and they begin to argue. Stephen is happy about how this week is going and decides to open up with the others. People in the house are starting to think that Zac has a big ego.

By a vote of 5-3, Alexis is evicted from the Big Brother house.

Week 5
The house guest compete in What the bleep, Claire wins the HOH. She isn't sure what to do but people are telling her to nominate Jules and Amanda, so she does. Both Jules and Amanda are really upset, Kaleb tells Jules that she's definitely staying against Amanda.

POV, Claire, Jules, Amanda, Renny, Ashley, and John compete. The top 3 are John, Amanda, and Jules, John wins the power of veto and keeps the noms the same. Jackson makes a inappropriate comment which rubes America the wrong way. Stephen and Zac bond and talk about the game. Ashley really wants Amanda to stay, she campaigns to the rest of the house but they want Amanda out. Ashley and John decide to still vote for Jules even though they know Amanda is going.

By a vote of 5-2, Amanda is evicted from the Big Brother house.

Week 6
Jackson wins the HoH, for a second time this summer. Jackson is looking at this game strategically and right now he feels like Stephen and John are his biggest threats. Jackson nominates Stephen and John for eviction.

People competing in the POV are Jackson, Stephen, John, Claire, Zak, and Jules. Stephen picked Zak with house guests choice. Jackson wins the power of veto and keeps noms the same. Zac holds a meeting saying that he apologizes for his behavior and it's well received. Jackson reaches out to Claire and opens up to her. Ashley, Claire, Jules, an Zak recognize John as a comp threat and wants him out of the game. Kaleb and Renny want Stephen out but don't have the votes.

By a vote of 4-2, John you are evicted from the Big Brother house.

Week 7
Stephen is grateful and is ready to win this next HoH and to get Jackson out. Claire wins the HoH, also her second time winning. Claire nominates two people she doesn't really like Jules and Renny, but she has a bigger target in mind if veto is used.

The people competing in the POV are Claire, Jules, Renny, Kaleb, Jackson, and Stephen. Kaleb wins the power of veto, he uses the POV on Jules and Stephen is the replacement nominee. Jackson and Claire get closer, they agree to go to the final 2 together, Zak tells the others that Kaleb is creepy. The group decides to evict Stephen over Renny for obvious reasons but Ashley throws her vote.

By a vote of 4-1, Stephen is evicted from the Big Brother house.

Week 8
Kaleb wins the HoH, he realizes that Jules is a lose canon and he decides to nominate Jules and Renny. Jules lashes out at him, she felt safe this week and didn't understand why he nominated her.

People participating in the POV are Kaleb, Jules, Renny, Zak, Claire, and Jackson. Kaleb wins the power of veto and keeps the noms the same. Jackson calls out Jules and tells her shes going home. Due to mental stress Jules isolates herself from the rest of the house guests. Ashley is a little worried about her position moving forward so she reaches out to Zac and they bond extremely well.

By a vote of 4-0, Jules is evicted from the Big Brother house.

Week 9
Jackson wins the HoH comp for the third time, he nominates Ashley and Kaleb because they're the most threatening to his game. Kaleb feels stupid for not trying to get Jackson out on his HoH, Ashley is preying that Kaleb doesn't win veto because she thinks shell stay over him.

Participating in POV are Jackson, Ashley, Kaleb, Claire, Renny and Zac. Claire wins and doesn't use the power of veto. Jackson keeps on making controversial comments, America hates him more now. Claire and Renny want Kaleb gone, Kaleb knew if he didn't win veto he was gonna be evicted.

By a vote of 2-1, Kaleb you have been evicted from the Big Brother house.

Week 10
Renny wins the HoH competition and nominates Ashley and Jackson. Claire tells Jackson if she wins veto he's coming down.

Pratcipating in POV are Renny, Ashley, Jackson, Claire, and Zac. Claire wins the power of veto and takes Jackson off the block. Zac is the replacement nominee by default. Jackson wants Zac out, but Claire wants Ashley out. Claire gets Renny on her side and tells her to save Zac in the tie and she agrees.

By a vote of 1-1, there is a tie, Renny as HoH evicts Ashley

Week 11
Claire wins the final 4 HoH and nominates Renny and Zac.

Four people are in the POV comp,  Claire, Renny, Zac and Jackson. Jackson wins and keeps the noms the same. Renny yells at Jackson for his behavior towards her, and a banner flies in the backyard saying Zac can't be trusted.

Jackson votes to evict Renny.

Week 12
Zac wins part 1 of the HoH, Claire wins part 2, Claire is the final HoH. Claire knew what she had to do coming into this ans she isn't backing down.

Claire votes to evict Jackson.

The final 2 is Claire and Zac

Claire: I deserve to win because I had a better strategic game, I performed better on the challenges, I won 6 overall challenges, I had a better social game, I was not nominated the entire game, and I did not receive a vote the entire game.

Zak: I deserve to win because I survived despite being nominated 3 times.

Claire and Zak wait for the winner reveal.

By a vote of 7-0...

Congratulations, Claire!

You are the winner of Big Brother!

Americas Favorite House guest is Stephen

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