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  2. Rate my avi
  3. Plus up pls
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  5. I dont care for Iggy
  6. 馃枻Stars Support馃枻
  7. The first black winner in BBUS History
  9. The Black people are majority of CBB
  10. Bust Down Barbiana
  11. Natalie gave Toms ass
  12. So if Josh got eliminated...
  13. Yesss Day
  14. Bust Down Barbiana
  15. Oh wow CBB is setting records
  16. Tamar
  17. Queen
  18. Tamar better be safe
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  20. 7 Rings
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  23. I love Trend Setters
  24. Celeb Big Brother
  25. Brantstelee
  26. I did not expect that
  27. Happy Birthday Queen Of Rap
  28. Nicki Minaj
  29. Ayo
  30. Just a reminder that Nicki Minaj Snapped
  31. Nicki Minaj is a GODDESS
  32. Hold up, Hold up, Hold up, I said Hold up
  33. Me @ Alvin still trying
  34. My Top 5
  35. Guys if you haven鈥檛 yet watch RWBY
  36. Thxs everyone for the support
  37. Ain鈥檛 got no tears left to cry
  38. Thank You 58.1%
  39. Save me in Stars x2
  40. Thxs 53.7%

Rockstar did that

Aug 10, 2018 by Silver09
Omg I stan so hard I fucking love her #BB20


Rockstar knocked so many people out of the HOH
Survived eviction
Her alliance won power
And converted Sam

Sent by TruthO,Aug 10, 2018
i love her so much
Sent by fearlessfoxy,Aug 10, 2018

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