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  1. Ummm Apparently
  2. All that rah-rah never was the icon issue
  3. Say it louder for the bitches in the back
  4. Angelina Win Immunity
  5. Me @ this frookies drama
  6. Welp its Official
  7. Should I watch Game Of Thrones
  8. Ari just got her
  9. When is BBcan7
  10. Is Trump a bad president?
  11. Cardi B never claimed she was black
  12. Ranking Female Rappers
  13. I love blocking people
  14. Apply to M&Ns Survivor
  15. I love blocking people
  16. ME @
  17. Stars Support
  18. This song is Fire 馃敟
  19. Is Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina
  20. Stars Support
  21. The Queen stays Queen
  22. Cardi fans are Nicki haters simple
  23. Survivor BrantSteele
  24. BBUK is so good
  25. Is BBUK
  26. Natalie is safe again
  27. Natalia flip and I鈥檒l stan
  28. Omg Twitches is on
  29. Stars Support
  30. Brantstelee Total Drama BvW
  31. Natalie is that bitch
  32. Yess Natalie Queen
  33. David鈥檚 are winning immunity KNOW THAT
  34. Nicki Minaj 馃懜馃従 > The Rest
  35. Celebrity Big Brother 1
  36. Nicki Minaj is Queen
  37. Y鈥檃ll real pressed about Natalie
  38. Natalie sis
  39. I鈥檓 the Bad Guy Call Me
  40. Favorite Nicki Minaj song 馃挏

Im Team Hive

Aug 2, 2018 by Silver09
But okay Angela you proved me wrong, lets see what she does this week.

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