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  1. New Survivor DvG video
  2. Nicki is Fucking Cardi up
  3. Rah fucked Cardi up I鈥檓 dead
  4. Well this commercial about Survivor
  5. Scottie is the only houseguest
  6. Angela is lowkey
  7. Don鈥檛 use the n-word as a joke
  8. Survivor Pre Season Ranking so far
  9. I just watched Infinity War
  10. I still like this season idc
  11. Scottie is a flop
  13. Favorites in the house
  14. Me hoping Bayleigh comes back
  15. Who the fuck gon
  16. Kam is a Queen 馃憫
  17. Cardi/Ari/Drake
  18. I鈥檓 done with BB20
  20. Yess win it Fesie
  21. Queen
  22. Omg Nicki Is Snapping
  23. Rockstar did that
  24. Sam flipped OMG
  25. This Hacker twist
  26. Yesssss Haleigh
  27. This fight was hard to watch
  28. Scottie is not dumb
  29. The Challenge Kam vs Angela Argument
  30. One of my favorite Beyonc茅 songs
  31. Big Brother
  32. At this point
  33. Angela noms
  34. Im Team Hive
  35. COME ON
  36. BB20
  37. Yesss Bayleighs
  38. New Favorite Gif
  39. Survivor Seasons I've watched
  40. I hate small talk, I don't fuck with chit-chat

Im Team Hive

Aug 2, 2018 by Silver09
But okay Angela you proved me wrong, lets see what she does this week.

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