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  1. This BB20 cast
  2. Yessss Winston
  3. I actually Really like Angela
  4. I missed Bayleigh鈥檚 interview
  5. Rachel & Bayleigh
  6. Big Brother Are You The One
  7. They Need Rappers Like Me
  8. Kolby
  9. Join Frookies
  10. Save Silver here 馃搥
  11. Why do people hold their votes
  12. Why are you guys ranking races
  13. Chun Li
  14. What鈥檚 Better
  15. Ghost Island
  16. Now that I think about
  17. Is BB20
  18. I鈥檓 really over the racist people on tengaged
  19. How is Wendell a bad Winner
  20. Why do you guys think Dom played the better game
  21. Yesssss Wendell
  22. She put Wendell
  23. Let鈥檚 GO Wendell
  24. If Laurel Wins Immunity
  25. Yess Laurel
  26. Laurel is going to win the Next Challenge
  27. Angela Sis
  28. Oop Laurel you better go after them
  29. Team Wendell and Laurel
  30. Big Brother 20 6/27
  31. Who鈥檚 ready for the Survivor Finlae today
  32. I miss Big Brother
  33. I wanted to Join Stars so bad
  34. Just because Kaela didn't win doesn't mean the..
  35. I loved BBCan6 and its Winner
  36. BBCAN
  37. Idk who gifted me but thxs
  38. Does anyone here watch WestWorld
  39. Stars Support
  40. Nicki Minaj Barbie Tingz/Chun Li

Is ANTM good ?

Mar 4, 2018 by Silver09

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