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  9. Mental Illness is still misunderstood, and needs..
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  21. i can't even eat KFC anymore
  22. I landed a dream job
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  24. you're honestly still such a douchebag and petty..
  25. you little bitch
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I landed a dream job

19thAug 14, 2019 by ShayyBayy
I'm doing iCloud server manufacturing for the most popular companies - Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Sony, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, basically any huge company that uses "cloud storage" I make and configure the servers for these companies

i am fucking PSYCHED to be doing something in an industry that I thought it would take years to ever step FOOT in. I cant WAAAAIT i'm so excited


werk miss shay bay
Sent by Timberlie,Aug 14, 2019
Yaaas girl!! Congrats!
Sent by tharealmike,Aug 14, 2019
The wonders not beibg cracked does
Sent by _Adidas_,Aug 15, 2019

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