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  1. Y'all are dicks to
  2. Y y'all mean to me
  3. I mean
  4. Uh fuck you
  5. I wouldn't be able to survive big brother
  6. Wow
  7. Love yall
  8. Making a group and how munch are ads
  9. Should I make a big brother group game
  10. So being poor is embarrassing
  11. Y'all still watching bb21
  12. No one cares
  14. Lmao pyn yourself
  15. The same people neg me
  16. I was around
  17. i knw im 16
  18. two things
  19. Who ever always negs me
  20. Vote me yall
  21. Good night everyone
  22. I wish
  23. Nike hat
  24. Sooooooo close
  25. I'm a yellow lvl
  26. Chillllllll
  27. Listen here
  28. I always make jury in frooks
  29. Omg should I make
  30. Ok so
  31. It's night
  32. Top trending for a while now
  33. Trial games
  34. Robbed
  35. I wish I was high lvl
  36. Imagine being aquamarine
  37. Stop negging me
  38. How to get top blogs
  39. Whoever negging me
  40. Most trending

Happy birthday

Aug 10, 2019 by ShaneDawson12345
cheritaisdelicious yes king were getting older glad to share my birthday with you today


I am a Queen :P but happy birthday to you too, birthday twin! ShaneDawson12345
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Aug 10, 2019

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