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Coming Out Of Retirement Mar 14, 2021
For a while, I kept my distance from Tengaged. To build myself back up, and to fix a lot of things about myself. I've attempted to come back once or twice, but it never really felt right. But now is the time. I'm officially coming out of Tengaged Retirement. Evie is back baby, and i'm here for good.

I love you all, and it's amazing to be back
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the fuck is going on? Mar 14, 2021
Okay, I know I haven't been on this site in a long while, but how come soon of the games like fastings and such aren't open?
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I think someone hacked me Apr 23, 2020
How do I get rid of my red nose??
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It would be fabulous Apr 3, 2020
If someone could gift me the Oh Polly design in Chic's shop. Please and thank youuuuu
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Good evening!! Apr 3, 2020
I hope everyones day has been amazing :) If anyone needs to talk, as always i'm just one message away. Reach out <3 You're not alone :D
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Hello, it's Evie. As a trans woman, today means so much to me. I exist. I am woman, hear me roar. I love you all, and I can't wait to celebrate today with you all!
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