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❀️ Thank You 53.1% ❀️ Aug 2, 2023
I cant lay low in these games. 🀣 This has been a weird stars for me for sure. With the expection of Goat I got all my targets evicted. Escaped the block 2 times back to back. I have a crazy red head after me who wants my blood. Anyone that works with me now is now called my minion which that in itself should let the public know I have been playing the game. Please Save me!!

Don't worry about the people that attack you, worry about the fake friends that hug you. -Renee Graziano
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Winner of my 2nd HG <3 Jul 3, 2023
lBriceΒ 3 days 4 hours ago Sexy should have approximately 40 health left so you can shoot her or she will win the hunger.

I had like 7 health left when this comment was made ^

After countless beats by the Spanish premade vs our premade. We finally got it together. Hope there is no hard feelings.

Happy202 and Yaddddiggz the first fallen of our group. Thank you for being our shield.

daleariel i would never target you cuz ily

Vort - i cant beileve Chris did you like that. Haha you were brought back to life so many times.

AbioticSand cocacola12 i love you guys


David2560 my Final 2 <3333



BbDamian nickgqc kiki4ever cswaggerr DBonee hujain Tryphena Gaiaphagee
Maya10 Crayadian

^^^ Thank you guys for a great ride. Some of the closest people to me on this site. Whether we succeed or flop I love playing the game with you all.

Edit: special thanks to my bestie nickgqc for bringing me back to life hahaha. You know you are my ride or die on here.
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Stars Recap May 26, 2023
This has been my 4th stars since my return to tengaged. Since I still have stars on my mind I figure I would give some shoutouts to the people Ive played with.

Best Players at working the Public:
heavenlee biminibonboulash bad18life pavaneli

Best Social Players:
JustCrow Keefe Druhhbby2 biminibonboulash
tyleror Jogon

My favorite Alliance/Chat
tyleror titoburitto and damo1990 this was probably the most fun I had in stars just talking shit with you 3. πŸ˜‚ #TheOldGaysAllaince

Most entertaining Player: Pekka forever my Icon
Most forgetable Player: Cullenhi

Some of the best people I love to this day:
music Jogon justCrow BigJon21 Nebula
Kiki4ever Itachi_Uchiha tyleror damo1990
cmgorilla02 countrysavage Fendimania

Theres a lot of great people that I got to know playing this game that got to know Austin the person and Tex the player. Some people hate me for playing the game hard BUT for all my haters out there. I am NOT leaving until I get my stars Win!!!! Thank you again to everyone who supported me this Stars. ❀️
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Thank you 47.6% !!! May 25, 2023
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HG WIN Feb 24, 2023
My first ever Hunger game Win!

Lord knows I had to bite my tongue a few times. But I love this group of people. 😚😚😚

disneygeek I DID IT FOR US! I love you so much. <3
nickgqc I feel like your cursed in games with me now πŸ˜‚ youre one of my OG best friends on here. Your freindship means a lot to me. ❀
Crayadian I never attacked you lol
Jenna2010 thank you for feeding me well with all them bushes < 3
Travisk30 I love you buddy! Im so glad we became friends. You made your goal of top 10 and played a great game in the shadows 😝
AronJX I never wanted to come for you this game. And im sorry for finishing you off. :( ily and hope you can forgive me because I enjoy my games with you in them.
Sam_Hamwich last HG got nasty with us. It seemed like we were on the game page with game for the most part. I enjoyed working with you. ❀
BrittBritt you are def there for your man! We dont know eachother well but I can say I adore you and afraid of you at the same time.
Yaddddiggz im sorry buddy! You can have the next one I promiseeeeee πŸ₯Ή
JetsRock12 I can never tell if you like me or not haha but always entertaining playing with you!
Gaiaphagee I love you Chris! You are always so kind to me and everyone in the group. <3
LittleMix THANK YOU for speaking up. It means a lot to me. I know we dont know eachother well but it was an absoulte joy working with you!
cswaggerr I LOVE YOU!!! Carlos you are such a solid friend. We have been supporting eachother a lot since I came back to the site. Thank you for everything and playing a huge role in this moment.
Tryphena Love you queen!!! We didnt talk at all but wanted to include you πŸ˜…πŸ˜˜
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LadyLizard <33333 Jan 16, 2023
I got a message on FB that you passed away. I wish you knew how much you were loved and how much you meant to me. I miss your voice and laugh from all our skype calls. I love you ladylizard aka the orginal honeybuns. β€πŸ€β€οΈπŸ€β€οΈπŸ€

Ps Imma put on my red weave for you 😘. I dont have anything cute in green. πŸ™ƒ
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