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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

UK Hunger Games

Apr 13, 2021 by SeaViper
So today, Boris Johnson made an announcement that everyone in the UK is too Fat and Lazy, so he decided to introduce the Hunger Games to get us off our butts! he didn't, but I'd like to imagine he did, for funsies! (Because child slaughter is FUN!)


There are a few possibilities for Districts and who is sent. An easy option would be to send 6 from each of the 4 nations (England, Wales, Scotland, N.Ireland), or also easy would just be to pick 24 at random regardless of location. I'll go with the former for ease!


Obviously...the public reaction would be AWFUL. But, anyone that rebels get executed, but riots would keep going. Police are allowed to open fire on the crowd. We then shut our borders like North Korea, and no news gets out!


The arena would likely be fairly simple, but still somewhat complex. It would likely be a large building with guards at every exit. As for the tributes fighting, if they didn't fight the government kills their family, nice and easy!


The reaping would be difficult, given the size of the population. If every school in the country reaps one student, the reaped students then go to the capital of their nation, where 6 are reaped. This would be unfair to smaller schools, meaning each kid has a higher chance to be reaped, but I don't really care!


The victor would get like a million pounds and a pat on the back, then go off to their lives wherever they came from!

Soon, the world catches on, with every nation doing its own (Excluding Vatican City because I'm feeling nice). The 195 victors then get put in a mega arena and only 1 survives. How fun!

That would mean 4679 kids die every year from the games. Before we know it, Voila, we aren't suffering from overcrowding anymore!

*Bows* *Bows* *Bows*

Thank you, there is a brighter future ahead for you('r government hehehehe)


ma'am you put maybe too much thought into this... almost like it's gonna happen!
Sent by paul028,Apr 13, 2021
Paul028 Oh dear, the government hacked my account...
Sent by SeaViper,Apr 13, 2021
Now I want this to happen
Sent by ColinCoco,Apr 14, 2021

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