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Sea's Music Taste Signups

Oct 30, 2020 by SeaViper
I am a leech. Everyone should know that by now, and everyone will be pleased to see a new copy of crazybone5000, yawnha, shaniquajones, and Mrkk 's blogs. My music taste tends to be...bizarre to put it lightly, plus, these look quite fun, so I thought I'd do one!

To sign up for week one, just post the YouTube link to the song you want to use. The theme is whatever you want to send. This week will have no elimination, but this is your chance to see what kind of music I like. As the competition goes on, themes will get a little harder, and more diverse. I'm interested to see what will grace my ears...

It will max out at 15 people, but I'm not sure if I'll get that many. I'm aiming for 12 apps

If you don't want to send your first song yet, then there will be a blog posted tomorrow where you can put the link, but if we want to get this game going fast, and instead have the first episode tomorrow, link the song below, or mail it to me :)



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