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Hunger Games Story- Day 9, 10 and 11

Sep 19, 2020 by SeaViper
Penultimate episode! The next one is the finale :O


District 1 Female- Summer ( CruelSummer)- 17

District 2 Male- Ethan ( Itz3than)- 14

District 5 Male- Alvaro ( Varlto)- 15
District 5 Female- Joshina ( Joshgillespie)- 14

District 6 Male- Adam ( ColinCoco)- 18

District 7 Male- Drew ( Tester)- 15

District 8 Female- Kiara ( Kiara_Xoxo)- 12

District 12 Male- Mike ( Wolven6974)- 12

-----ISLAND 9-----

*Alvaro, Joshina, and Mike quickly sweep the island, seeming relieved not to see anyone. suddenly, the ground begins to rumble. The trio begins to panic, remembering the tsunami, but it stops. They can see dust rising from the Island next to them. Unbeknownst to them, the factory on Island 8 had just collapsed*

Alvaro: I don't know what that was...but I don't like it...

*The group turns to leave, hoping whatever happened on the other island won't happen to them. As they run over the rope bridge, they get a glimpse of Island 8, Mike seeing the collapsed factory. They look around, unsure of where to go, before running back to Island 10 for safety*

-----ISLAND 10-----

*Moments after reaching Island 10, the trio sees Island 9 sinking. They seem confused, watching Island 11 sink only moments after. In the distance, they can also see Island 8 and 7 sink. They seem confused, looking across to where Island 12 is*

Joshina: Oh my god...

Mike: Did they just?

Alvaro: I think so...

*The trio realizes that all islands with nobody on them have just sunk into the water*

-----ISLAND 12-----

*Kiara goes about her business on the Island, sweeping it in the morning. Suddenly, Island 11 next to her begins to sink. Her eyes go wide as it just goes beneath the water. She looks around. The two surrounding islands are still up. She looks at her map, and it had somehow updated itself, showing only Islands 10, 12, and 13 still there. She realizes with dread that the remaining players were spread out across just these three islands. She takes a deep breath, untieing the rope bridge and watching it fall into the water*

Kiara: I'll cross that bridge when I come to it...but at least I'll be safe...

*She watches Island 13 for any signs of life*

-----ISLAND 13-----

Ethan: GOTCHA!

*Drew looks up at Ethan, as though he is preparing for the end. Suddenly, Ethan is shoved to the side as Summer walks in*

Summer: Awwww, if it isn't lover boy!

*She grabs a sword, ready*

Summer: What happened to your girlfriend eh? Did she die? Oh yeah...she did!

*Summer walks in closer, Drew looking up at her*

Drew: You won't get the satisfaction!

*Ethan shoves Summer out of the way, looking at Drew menacingly. Summer suddenly realizes something, seeing to the entrance to the bunker and a pile of bricks. She suddenly moves, taking Ethan by surprise, as she leaps out of the bunker. Ethan runs at her, but Summer is faster, slamming the bunker door shut and piling bricks on them, locking Ethan and Drew inside*

Ethan: FUCK!

*He bangs on the door*


*Summer doesn't respond. Instead, she casually walks off the island to the cornucopia*

Ethan: BITCH!

*Ethan stops trying to get the door open, knowing he'll have time for that later. He turns his attention back to Drew, she now has a dagger ready*

Ethan: You gonna get us out of here or what?

Drew: You'll kill me either way

Ethan: But if you help me...I'll do it quickly!

*Drew suddenly runs forward, attempting to stab Ethan, but Ethan is faster, knocking Drew to the floor. The two boys are of similar size, but Ethan has more muscle, easily pinning Drew to the ground. Drew tries to escape, but can't. His eyes go wide with terror as he desperately tries to get out, squirming under Ethan's weight*

Ethan: Any last words?

Drew: Yes!

Ethan: Say them quickly...

Drew: Do you have two yet, or is it still the one? I'm curi-

*Ethan rams his sword through Drew's head. Repeatedly stabbing his body*

Ethan: I've had enough of that question...


*Ethan kicks Drew's bloody corpse out of the way, and tries escaping the bunker*


*That night, the deceased are shown in the sky*

The Male from 7

*Nobody has a reaction to this, apart from Summer, who knows her biggest threat is still alive*

-----DAY 10-----

*Alvaro, Joshina, and Mike awake to the sound of distressed animals outside. Mike walks to the window, looking outside*

Mike: Oh fuck...

*Joshina and Alvaro join him at the window, in time to see a bull smashing through the chicken coup, crushing all chickens in its sight*

Joshina: NOOOO!

*Joshina seems more upset about the door chickens than the fact a hoard of murderous bulls are outside*

Alvaro: There's no way we can get past them...

*Suddenly, an angry bull bursts through the door, grunting loudly as it flips hay bails, and really anything in sight. Mike notices the back door of the barn doesn't have any cows guarding it. Mike points it out to Alvaro and Joshina, who nod, and the three of them run towards it. They look around at the bulls outside. None of them appear to have noticed the trio. However, as they run, a bull stops stomping over the corpses of squashed pigs, noticing the three. It roars, making the other bulls turn their attention to the trio*

Alvaro: SHIT!

*Suddenly, Mike springs to life, kicking his foot into Alvaro's crotch. Alvaro falls to the ground, both from the shock and the pain. Joshina screams, Mike, small but fast, knocking her to the ground, snapping her glasses in two*

Mike: I'm sorry...but only one of us can win!

*Mike runs for the bridge, the bulls approaching Alvaro and Joshina, who are both on the floor. However, Alvaro whispers to Joshina to stay still. Despite not seeing him, she hears his voice, crouching as still as she can. The bulls curiously sniff around them like dogs, but soon lose interest, turning their attention to a fast-moving figure: Mike! As soon as Mike realizes the bulls are looking at him, he runs even faster, accidentally tripping on a piece of the broken fence! The bulls charge at him, Mike managing to let out a scream before he's crushed by dozens of bulls*


*Alvaro has to look away from Mike's broken and bloody corpse as the hovercraft retrieves it. The bulls look at the hovercraft, interested. As soon as it picks up Mike's body, they charge at it but fall back in pain as their heads hit into the metal claw. Alvaro takes this opportunity, grabbing Joshina and the broken glasses, and running off-Island 10. The second they step onto the cornucopia, the island sinks behind them*

-----ISLAND 12-----

*Kiara sees Island 10 sink, realizing in horror that there were now only two islands- hers and Island 13. If she stepped off, Island 13 would be all that remained, however, she knew people would now realize this island was habitated. Having heard another cannon, she knew that four others remained. She knew that careers could be waiting at the end of the rope bridge, or could be on Island 13. She debates with herself whether it's safer to stay where she is, or to go to the cornucopia. Eventually, she goes into a mine, knowing nobody would look there. It's dark, but she realizes that's good, as she settles down*

-----ISLAND 13-----

*After ages of banging, Ethan finally gets the door open. He squints as the sunlight hits his eyes. There is no sign of Summer- or anyone else for that matter. He looks around, realising all of the other islands apart from this one and the one next to his had sunk. The only supplies he had left were his sword and a packet of biscuits, he thinks about what to do, before heading to the central island*


*Kiara wasn't incorrect, as Summer sits, watching Islands 12 and 13. Island 10 sank not long after she heard the cannon, so she decides not to investigate, missing Alvaro and Joshina's escape. The two of them had ran into the tallest building to take shelter. As the sun sets, the final 5 know that tomorrow would likely be the last day of the games*


*That night, the deceased are shown in the sky*

The Male from 12

*Alvaro looks regretful at this. He knows Mike betrayed them, but he can't help but feel bad for the little guy. he was only trying to win*

-----DAY 11-----

*Kiara awakes on Day 11, aware that this would likely be the last day of the games. She checks her map, seeing that Island 13 had now shrunk again, meaning Island 12 was the only island left up. As she sits there, thinking of what to do, she hears an explosion. She jumps to the ground in fear as another one goes off. Now, she jumps to her feet, grabbing only her pickaxe. She fumbles around in the dark, finding the way out. She runs for it, but trips on a jagged rock. She pulls herself back up*


*What sounds like a cannon rings out, but it isn't. It's an explosion! Another boom goes off, Kiara unsure if it's explosions or a cannon, but she doesn't care, running for the exit. Suddenly, the explosion behind her goes off. She sees the daylight, but as she runs she slips again! Everything seems to move slow, possibly because the game makers did this part in slow motion. Kiara runs out of the mine, flames exploding out of the mine behind her. She makes a hero jump out of the way. The audience holds onto their wigs as Kiara becomes a real life action hero! She lands, but trips! She screams as the flames rocket towards her. She can't get up in time, the flames engulfing her, as they also engulf the island, the final 4 watching the Island go up in flames in shock*


*This time is is a cannon though, as Kiara's corpse is incinerated into dust in the blaze*

*The speakers then crackle to life*

Game Maker: Congratulations final 4! You have all beaten 20 other tributes to get here...but only one of you can win! The water is rising, and the only way to survive is to get into the tall building!

*The water begins to rise, covering the beach. Summer and Ethan both run from different sides of the Island, accidently meeting in the middle. Both have a look of panic on their face. Alvaro and Joshina watch from the window of the building as the two tiny dots beneath them fight*

Summer: Ethan...

Ethan: BITHC!

*Ethan charges forward, slicing his sword at Summer's chest. She leaps out of the way. The momentum carries Ethan too far. Summer is tempted to finish him off, but sees the water coming very close, so decides to run. Ethan chases after her. It is time for the finale to begin...

-----END OF EPISODE-----

RIP Drew, Kiara and Mike :(

Good luck final 4!


24th: Calf (D10F)- Stabbed by Sensa ( Lemonface)
23rd: Butch (D10M)- Stabbed by Summer ( Heavyrain)
22nd: Bloom (D11F)- Drowned by Manafa ( SennaRichards)
21st: Bbd (D3M)- Neck snapped by Nate ( BbDamian)
20th: Penny (D12F)- Stabbed by Zachary ( PennyTrationStan)
19th: Zachary (D11M)- Cut apart by Mark ( Dbonee)
18th: Sensa (D4F)- Crushed by Rubies ( Zeptis)
17th: Kat (D9F)- Cut apart by Mark ( Hellocat)
16th: Byte (D3F)- Shot dead ( Alexclow345)
15th: Nate (D4M)- Strangled by Aleyna ( Nateclove)
14th: Aleyna (D2F)- Robots ( Jameslu)
13th: Manafa (D8M)- Robots ( Manafa)
12th: NPC (D6F)- Tsunami
11th: Chris (D9M)- Tsunami ( Chris2Pei)
10th: Mark (D1M)- Throat Slit by Ethan/Summer ( Mrkk)
9th: Ivy (D7F)- Hemorrhage ( BrainJak)
8th: Adam (D6M)- Train Crash ( ColinCoco)
7th: Drew (D7M)- Stabbed by Ethan ( Tester)
6th: Mike (D12M)- Crushed by Bulls ( Wolven6974)
5th: Kiara (D8F)- Mine Explosion ( Kiara_Xoxo)


Sent by Tester,Sep 19, 2020
Ethan: BITHC!
Sent by chris2pei,Sep 19, 2020
What a good final four!! Poor kiara, I thought she was gonna surprise us all with a win. Hoping summer wins it now <333
Sent by CruelSummer,Sep 19, 2020

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