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Little Sister PYN

Jun 30, 2020 by SeaViper
A new game that is TOTALLY original and NOT based on any EXISTING reality shows. TotAlLY OriGIOnaL

I am looking for 10 or more human beings to play...if you aren't a human being, then you can still apply!


As soon as the week starts- someone will win POV. They will be safe, and they can chose another play to be safe for the rest of the week. Then there is a HOH competition. The winner of HOH puts two people onto the block (These people can't be the POV or the person they chose to have immunity) and the rest of the house decides who to evict!


Colin ( ColinCoco)
Courtney ( charrison790564)
Manafa ( Manafa)



It's Original so....
Sent by ColinCoco,Jun 30, 2020
Sent by charrison790564,Jun 30, 2020
manafa :)
Sent by manafa,Jun 30, 2020
idk sounds like a lot of effort
Sent by BengalBoy,Jun 30, 2020

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