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Aliens On Earth Episode 6: Keys

Mar 7, 2020 by SeaViper

Lizzie Stone
Kiko Satamoto ( CaptainZacSparrow)
Alison White ( Tommy123)
Alyssa Jade ( CocoVanderbilt)
Donald Trump ( ColinCoco)


Amber Rogers
Linda Parks ( YogscastBigBrother21)
Álvaro Vázquez ( Varlto)
Johnny Berg ( Chapi_BBJ)


Damien Frost (#Varlto)
Carlos Vázquez (#Varlto)
Jerry Ceasar ( Nateclove)
Tuli Koba
Pilot John
Co-Pilot Kim
Jalal Talabani


Isla Appuya ( Systrix)
Katherine Edwards
Mr. Bleed


*The group of Amber, Linda, Àlvaro, Johnny and Mortimer arrive at the Mexican village- the whole thing encased in a strange solid*

Johnny: What….happened?

*Amber lightly taps one of the frozen people- its arm falling off*

Amber: What is this?

*Every person, every building and every plant in the village is encased in the solid*

Àlvaro: Right…I’m getting the creeps!

*Suddenly- a sound like broken glass comes from inside a building*

Johnny: I think there’s someone else here…

Amber: Who wants to go?

Linda: Let me…

*Linda cautiously walks towards the building, swinging her gun around*

Johnny: She has no idea how to use that…

*Multiple gunshots ring out of the building, followed by Linda’s scream. Instantly, Mortimer sets off running, darting into the building, and pulling a young woman out*


*She struggles out of Mortimer’s grasp, running back into a house. Mortimer lifts his hand, blasting the house of pieces before Tori can reach it*


Johnny: We aren’t here to hurt you…

Tori: NO, GO AWAY!

*Tori runs off into the solid wilderness*

Amber: Should we bother going after her?

Mortimer: No, we shall leave her!

*Linda comes out of the house Tori was in*

Linda: She left this…

*Linda lifts a family portrait. Tori is on the right, with two other young women and a teenage boy also in the frame. Mortimer takes the photo*

Mortimer: Right, we need to return to the plane!

*The group sets off in the distance. Tori watches them from the woods*

Tori: And they better not return…

-----THE PLANE-----
*Mortimer walks into his lab- putting the photo beneath a scanner machine*

Mortimer: This is usually used for identifying DNA for bodies…But it also has facial recognition

*The machine finishes*

Mortimer: It says that the girl we met in the village is called Tori Damon Samoko. The girl in the right of the photo is called Sophie Damon Samoko. Neither of them are native to Mexico…There from South Korea! The other two though….the scanner cannot register them. They don’t exist…and never existed

Johnny: How is that possible?

Mortimer: I don’t know, I’ll try it again. The scanner isn’t perfect, but it’s never failed like this!

*Mortimer tries scanning instead- but the machine shuts down*

Mortimer: It’s dead…

Amber: Right- I’ve got a plan! Some of us need to go back to the village- try to discover what we can! Then, the other half of us goes to find Tori- the girl we met in the village! If the scanner can’t identify them, she should!

Mortimer: I’ll find her! It takes no effort

Álvaro; I’ll, come with you Mortimer! Anything is better than that town!

Amber: So me, Linda and Johnny will investigate the town

Johnny: I kind of want to go with Mortimer now…

Amber: Too late!

*Mortimer walks with Àlvaro*

Mortimer: She came through this way

*Using a ball of energy, Mortimer lights up the area, immediately revealing Tori. She jumps to her feet, holding a shotgun, pointing it at them*

Tori: Put your hands up, and drop any weapons you might hold!

----THE TOWN----
*Amber, Linda and Johnny walk through the solid town*

Johnny: Whatever did this…what if its still, here? What if it’s waiting around any corner…

Linda: We so need to get out of here!

*Amber steps into the house first. It is dark inside- pitch black! A sound something moved behind Amber. She swirls around, her gun now in hand. A bright figure beams back at her. Suddenly, the house lights up, the Magma Man revealing himself*

Magma man: Ah, sorry about that…

*Amber shoots quickly, the bullets going straight through the Magma Man- but harmlessly passing through him*

Magma man: Sorry I surprised you, but that was really uncalled for…

Amber: Who are you?

Magma man: Of course…about that…I’ve come to deliver you a message…

*Mortimer and Álvaro raise their hands above their heads*

Mortimer: Put the gun down…We aren’t here to hurt you…

Tori: Take a step closer and I’ll shoot both of you!

*She suddenly notices Álvaro*

Tori: Robert?

Àlvaro: Huh?

*Tori drops her gun, hugging Àlvaro*

Tori: Robert, I’m so glad you came home!

Àlvaro: I’m not-

Tori: I thought you were dead…I….I watched you die…I-

Álvaro: I’m sorry, but I’m not called Robert!

*Tori takes a step back- locking eyes with Àlvaro*

Tori: You don’t remember?

*She starts making a scissor motion with her index and middle finger*

Tori: Robert…please say you remember me…remember us…we used to play the scissor man game. Remember, I’m the scissor man and I’m coming to get you? We played it hours on end- until mother called us in because it was getting dark!

Àlvaro: I’m sorry, but you’ve got the wrong person- I’m not-

Tori: But- but…But-

*Suddenly- she collapses to the floor. Mortimer pulls his hand down*

Mortimer: I couldn’t take any more of her annoying voice!

Álvaro: Is she…dea-

Mortimer- No, only unconscious, now let’s get her back to the plane!

Magma Man: I am just the messenger

Amber: The messenger for who?

Magma man: That is not important! My power to be here is fading! Do not, under any cost, let the lock and the key meet!

*The magma man vanishes*

*The magma man appears on a disk. Rosanna stands in front of the disk*

Rosanna: Did it work?

Magma man: Yes…

*A sound of metal hitting the ground is getting louder*

Magma man: They are coming…

*Rosanna instantly starts to pack up the equipment*

Magma man: We must hurry!

*A young woman runs into the room*

Young woman: There’s no time! We need to go!

*Rosanna packs up nearly all of the equipment. She runs to the disk*

Magma man: There’s no time!

Rosanna: BUT WE NEED IT!

*Suddenly, the doors fly open. The three of them start running out of the other exit. Rosanna looks behind her to see the Young Woman being shot- her body falling to the floor*

Rosanna: NO!

Magma man: We need to go!

Rosanna: But they are going to capture her!

Magma man: It’s better just her than all three of us!

*Rosanna and the Magma man continue running into the night*

*Johnny and Linda run into the house*

Linda: Who were you talking to?

Johnny: Yeah, we heard voices!

Amber: I don’t know…He was here then he was gone…

*Amber’s phone suddenly goes off. She answers it*

Mortimer *On phone*: We got the girl back to the plane…it might be worth having a look at!

Amber *On phone*: We’ll be there shortly!

*Amber, Linda and Johnny enter Lizzie’s bedroom. Tori is in the bed- hooked up to some machines*

Amber: What did you do to her?

Mortimer: She’s perfectly alright…I’m just extracting her memories…Àlvaro, what’s the reading?

*Àlvaro looks at the monitor*

Àlvaro: It’s downloading a day a minute…

*Mortimer runs over to the machine- putting the photo in a little slot*

Mortimer: It’s now going to be looking only for days with these people in

*The machine displays how many days it can register. Seventeen years’ worth show up*

Mortimer: Great…

*Mortimer sets the setting to “Strongest memories”. Five results come through*

Mortimer: We’ll check these…

*Mortimer presses a button- and the memories start downloading. Mortimer taps the first memory, and it plays on the screen*

----A HOUSE IN THE COUNTRYSIDE (Many years ago)----
*A man and a woman walk into the house, holding a bassinet with a baby inside. Three girls gather around*

Girl 1: It’s a boy?

Woman: Yes, Charlotte, it’s a boy!

Man: Girls, welcome Robert to the household!

Girl 2: He is so cute!

----THE GARDEN OF THE HOUSE (Many years ago)----
*A younger looking Tori is playing with the boy- who is around five. She is around nine. She is chasing him*

Tori: The scissor man is coming to get you!

*The boy keeps running- Tori very close, but purposefully not getting him. The woman comes outside*

Woman: Tori, Robert, you need to come inside! It’s getting dark, and the wolves are coming out!

Robert: Coming, mama

----A SCHOOL (Many years ago)----
*Tori and her friends are celebrating from graduation high-school*

Friend 1: I’m going to miss Mrs Gibon

Friend 2: I’m not- she was so mean to me!

Tori: She was good, but the homework- oh my god!

*Robert- now looking like a grown man, and very similar to Àlvaro, Tori and the two girls are walking through a city- when suddenly gunshots wring out. Panic erupts- and the group is separated. Tori is pushed away from Robert and the others in a crowd. The gunshots stop, and Tori runs forward. One of her sisters is dead- a bullet hole in her head. Robert and one of the girls is missing. Tori kneels down beside her sister*

Tori: Charlotte, no

*Tori cries over her sister*

Tori: I love you…

*She and a man are upstairs in a house- approaching the bedroom. Once they get inside, Tori unbuttons the man’s shirt, as the man kisses her- be pulls off Tori’s bra. The two of them climb under the covers…

----LIZZIE’S ROOM (Modern day)----
*Mortimer quickly turns off the monitor*

Mortimer: That is enough of that!

Johnny: I am slightly disturbed!

Àlvaro: That was me…he was me…

Amber: You got an active imagination!

*Àlvaro stares coldly at Amber*

Amber: Joking!

Álvaro: But Robert…he looked exactly like me!

*Tori suddenly wakes up- jumping out of Lizzie’s bed*



*Tori tackles Mortimer to the ground- and she tries to run out of the room- but Àlvaro catches her*


Àlvaro: For the last time- I AM NOT ROBERT!

*Mortimer lifts his arm- once again knocking Tori out*

Mortimer: I have had enough of her

*Mortimer drags Tori out of the room*

Linda: What did we just witness?

Amber: I have no idea- but I would like to forget it!

*Mortimer returns to the room*

Mortimer: She won’t be bothering us anymore…

Johnny: I’m just not going to question you at this point!

Amber: Hold on though…the village? We were here to find out what happened to the village!

Linda: Yeah…I kind of forgot about that bit!

Amber: I say we get some shut eye…it’s be a wild day!

*Linda is the first to wake up- walking into the kitchen to make breakfast. She sits down to eat. Johnny joins her in the kitchen*

Johnny: Morning…

*Johnny looks like he’s had no sleep*

Linda: No offence- but you look awful

Johnny: No sleep…

*He prepares his drink. He suddenly turns to Linda*

Johnny: I had a dream…a dream about a Pterodactyl! We were flying and it came and it…

Linda: Wow

Johnny: It’s beak came through and…

Amber: Morning…

Johnny: I don’t know about you two- but I feel like us three should slip away early- before the others get up. I feel like it would just be smoother with less…

Amber: Why?

Johnny: I just had a dream…Mortimer and Àlvaro come to the town and…well…in the dream…they died…

Linda: It’s a dream- it probably won’t come true!

Johnny: I’m just saying…because the last one came true?

Amber: When?

Johnny: Our first night. I had a dream about the waitress being killed in Rome. I didn’t tell anybody…I just shrugged it off- and then it happened

*Linda and Amber look horrified*

Linda: Ok….

*Amber, Johnny and Linda walk through the village*

Amber: I feel like I know this place by now…

Johnny: What could have done this?

*Moments after Johnny says that- the whole village starts to shatter*

Amber: GET DOWN!

*The village explodes in shards- the shards flying everywhere*

*Mortimer walks into the kitchen- finding the note. He reads it out loud*

Mortimer *Reading note*: Gone grocery shopping- should be back in a couple of hours

*Mortimer checks the fridge. Apart from a couple of carrots and some eggs- it is completely empty*

Mortimer: Why is the fridge empty…it was full last night…

*Mortimer opens the cupboard- and all of the food falls out*

*The shards have finished exploding. Linda stands up first. The village is completely gone- all that is left is a boulder in the middle. Suddenly, it bursts to life, rising into the air- a tar-liquid spilling out*

Linda: Um guys…

*Amber and Johnny notice it*

Johnny: I think we may need to run…

*The liquid gets closer. Amber, Linda and Johnny run- but it is faster than them. The liquid reaches their feet, and starts to climb up their bodies…

*Rosanna and the Magma man run into another building, barring the door behind them*

Rosanna: That’s not exactly going to hold them…

Magma Man: It’s better than nothing!

*Rosanna throws down another disk*

Rosanna: We have just enough power for two more round trips…

Magma man: It’s now or never…

*The Magma man jumps on the disk. He disappears*

----THE “Village”----
*The Magma man suddenly appears in the remains. He blasts the boulder with lava multiple times. It explodes- releasing Amber, Linda and Johnny from the glass- which was up to their necks*

Magma man: This shall be quick- but I may only see you one more time!

*He throws them a disk*

Magma man: Use it wisely…

*The magma man disappears*

Johnny: What is going on today?

*The magma man arrives back in the building*

Rosanna: Any luck?

Magma man: Yes!

*The sound of metal hits the floor outside the door*

Magma man: They know we are here!

*The door is thrown open*

Rosanna: GO GO GO!

----THE PLANE----
*Amber, Linda and Johnny enter the plane- laughing about life. Mortimer is fighting his way out of the food*

Mortimer: Some help?

*They help Mortimer get out of the food pile*

Mortimer: Very nice plan- thinking I wouldn’t notice!

Johnny: I-

Mortimer: In future, remember to bring me with you!

Johnny: It’s just…

Mortimer: No matter!

Linda: Àlvaro still asleep?

Mortimer: Very asleep

Johnny: Anyway, I’m going to try for some more shut eye!

Mortimer: Good luck!

*Mortimer turns to the girl*

Mortimer: Now, we’ve got lots of things to put back into their place!

*Mortimer picks up grapes*

Mortimer: These things aren’t just going to put themselves back in the fridge…are they?

Linda: I swear, this will be the death of me!

Amber: I feel like I have to tidy my room…

Linda: Ah…good memories!

*Amber and Linda start putting the items back into their place*

----------THE END----------

Episode 6 done! Hoping it was better than the shitshows of the last two episodes lol!


Lizzie Stone
Kiko Satamoto ( CaptainZacSparrow)
Alison White ( Tommy123)
Alyssa Jade ( CocoVanderbilt)
Donald Trump ( ColinCoco)


Amber Rogers
Linda Parks ( YogscastBigBrother21)
Álvaro Vázquez ( Varlto)
Johnny Berg ( Chapi_BBJ)


Damien Frost (#Varlto)
Carlos Vázquez (#Varlto)
Jerry Ceasar ( Nateclove)
Pilot John
Co-Pilot Kim
Magma Man
Tuli Koba
Jalal Talabani


Isla Apuya ( Systrix)
Katherine Edwards
Mr Bleed


Overall thoughts on this episode?:
What are your thoughts on Johnny's dreams?:
Who are Rosanna and the Magma man?:
Who are Rosanna and the Magma man running from?:
Are Alvaro and Roger the same person?:

Thanks for reading :)


Overall thoughts on this episode?: Solid episode!
What are your thoughts on Johnny's dreams?: I hope they don't come true, he should warn Mortimer and Álvaro
Who are Rosanna and the Magma man?: Aliens
Who are Rosanna and the Magma man running from?: Other aliens lmao
Are Alvaro and Roger the same person?: Maybe...? I don't know
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