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Aliens On Earth Episode 4: Survival (Part 1)

Feb 28, 2020 by SeaViper

Lizzie Stone
Kiko Satamoto ( CaptainZacSparrow)
Alison White ( Tommy123)
Alyssa Jade ( CocoVanderbilt)
Donald Trump ( ColinCoco)


Amber Rogers
Linda Parks ( YogscastBigBrother21)
Álvaro Vázquez ( Varlto)
Johnny Berg ( Chapi_BBJ)
Isla Apuya ( Systrix)
Damien Frost (#Varlto)
Carlos Vázquez (#Varlto)
Jerry Ceasar ( Nateclove)
Tuli Koba
Pilot John
Co-Pilot Kim
Jalal Talabani


Rob Mariano
Amber Mariano
Sandra Diaz Twine
Parvati Shallow
Kim Spradlin
Ethan Zohn
Danni Boatwright
Sophie Clarke
Jeff Probst
Tyson Apostol
Tony Vlachos
Yul Kwon
Adam Klein
Ben Dreibergen
Denise Stapely
Natalie Anderson
-----THE PARTY-----
*The survivor winners are partying at the Winners At War party! Jeff walks off towards the toilet. As Jeff walks, he feels something following him. She turns around- but nothing’s there. He continues walking, trying to find the toilet. Suddenly, something jumps out of the shadows, attacking Jeff, and clawing him to death…*

-----THE AIRPORT-----
*The smaller plane, with Lizzie, Kiko, Alison, Alyssa and Lilly on lands. Trump is waiting on the airstrip*

Trump: Welcome to America, you’re on my turf now!

*He sees Lilly*

Trump: And my rules…

Lilly: Give it a break Trump; You called for us- so we can gladly leave if you don’t want us!

*Trump snarls*

Trump: Follow me

*Trump leads them to his private limo*

Trump: We’re going to take a look at the bodies!

*Trump’s limo stops. Kiko is the first to step out of the limo. In front of her is a big white building titled “Emergency body holding facility”*

Trump: Welcome

*Trump heads in first, followed by the others. They arrive at reception, the receptionist already waiting*

Receptionist: Right this way, Mr. Trump!

*The receptionist leads the group into another room*
Receptionist: Before you go in, I will need you to put on one of these hazmat suits. The room appears to be highly toxic!

*Alison lifts a hazmat suit off the self. It visibly has been worn by the marks made on it*

Alison: New ones?

Trump: My party says there are better things to save our money on!

*Alison puts the suit on, clearly disgusted*

Alison: My leg is covered in a brown liquid…

Receptionist: Well, it’s better than dying from radiation! Ow before you go in…I must warn you, it isn’t pretty inside!

*Once everyone has their suit on, the door opens. The room seems to go on forever, filled with shelves- Shelves filled with rotting bodies*

Alison: Ok…this is even grosser!

*All of the bodies are leaking a green liquid from cuts in the body*

Kiko: Any ideas what it is?

Receptionist: We have tested. So far, it has come back as being highly toxic, but we do not know anything else about it

Lizzie: We’ve seen enough…

Lilly: Agreed!

Alyssa: I’m going to haul!

*The receptionist leads the group back into reception- when Trump’s phone rings*

Trump *On Phone*: Hello?

Chief Officer *On phone*: There is another case…

Trump *On phone*: Who, What, and Where?

Chief Officer *On phone*: The survivor reunion party…Jeff Probst has been murdered… The same green liquid coming out of his body as the other victims…

Trump *On Phone*: Make sure nobody leaves the building. They are on their way!

*The call ends*

Trump: A murder at the survivor reunion party…

Alyssa: We know, we could hear every word!

-----THE PARTY-----
*The limo pulls up against the building*

Lizzie: Remember, don’t do anything stupid…stick to the plan. Inspect the body, and lure the killer into the open!

*They slowly enter the building. It is silent inside, with the guests all sitting on chairs. As soon as the group enters…the chaos starts…*

Sophie: What happened to Jeff?

Tyson: Is the party still going ahead?

Rob: Are we in danger?

Yul: There’s a logical explanation…I’m sure

Amber M: Do you know who did it?

Trump: SHUT UP!

*Everyone falls silent*

Trump: someone in this room murdered Jeff! There’s no way in or out of the building, meaning it can only be someone here!

Natalie: So, this has turned into a murder mystery party…

Trump: Yes…but the fact that it’s real- not some game! Now, nobody will be leaving this room until the killer has been found! There is a very high likelihood…

Lizzie: It’s something extra-terrestrial *She turns to Trump* No point in hiding it!

*Panic erupts in the room*

Kim: And you're locking us in with it?

Yul: Aliens don’t exist…

Amber M: But aren’t we all in danger!

Trump: There’s no time for this! Someone killed Jeff, and these detectives are here to find out who it was! Now, I need to go- more important matters!

*Trump marches off. Sandra jumps up, trying to follow him, but some soldiers at the entrance stop her. Lizzie smiles*

Lizzie: So…hi

Lilly: Trump is a dumbass isn’t he!

*Everyone nods their head in agreement*

Alyssa: Well, I don’t see why the party needs to stop!

Kiko: I think I know where this is going

Lizzie: Well, I suppose…It could help…

*The music turns back on. Lizzie needs to shout to be heard over it*


*Lizzie and Lily sit down in a quiet room. Alyssa, Kiko, and Alyssa are out observing the room, but in reality, they are partying. Sophie is the first to walk into the interview room*

Lizzie: Hi, sit down

*Sophie takes a seat on the chair opposite Lizzie and Lilly*

Sophie: I am not an alien…

Lizzie: We need to check everyone…

Sophie: Well, I suppose it’s important!

Lizzie: So, just to ask, when did the party start?

Sophie: Well, I guess it really started at 4PM- that’s when everyone arrived, but Me, Yul and Parvati were helping to setup

Lizzie: And when did Jeff arrive?

Sophie: Roughly 3:45. He wanted to get there a bit earlier to greet everyone

Lizzie: And when did you last see him?

Sophie: I didn’t see him for most of the party after he arrived

Lizzie: And what did you do, and who were you with for most of the party?

Sophie: Yul and I were talking near the front door for most of it

Lizzie: Final question- Do you know anyone who would want to kill Jeff?

Sophie: Lots. We found out Jeff was rigging Winner At War for Boston Rob to win

Lizzie: Thank you, Sophie

*Lilly was writing down the whole interview*

Lilly: Ready for next?

Lizzie: Yes, please

*Lilly goes out*


*Parvati makes her way to the interview room- sitting down once inside. Lilly closes the door*

Lizzie: Hi

Parvati: I think it’s horrible that Jeff is dead! How will survivor continue without him?

Lizzie: Sophie told me that multiple people would want Jeff dead- do you know anyone that could have a motive?

Parvati: I know Ben is pretty angry because production chose not to give him all of the idols- and Tyson is upset because he tried to blindside Rob- but got idoled out!

Lizzie: What time did you arrive at this party?

Parvati: A couple of hours before the party itself, but I couldn’t tell you the exact time

Lizzie: And what were you doing for most of the party?

Parvati: I was dancing with various people. Ethan, Rob, Tyson, Tony…and Jeff

Lizzie: And when did you last see Jeff?

Parvati: He told me he was going to go to the toilet- and that he would be right back. Next thing I knew, his body was found

Lizzie: And who found the body?

Parvati: Ben, I believe

Lizzie: Thanks Parvati

*Lilly leads Parvati to the exit, and calls Ben in next*

Ben: I need you to know it was not me! Parvati is just salty I blindsided her!

Lizzie: And how did you know Parvati mentioned your name?

Ben: Well, seems obvious. She’d try to blame everything she could on me!

Lizzie: When you found the body, what time was it?

Ben: How am I meant to know?

Lizzie: Well…it is a murder…

Ben: Well it wasn’t me, and that’s what you need!

*Ben stomps out*

Lilly: Want me to get him back?

Lizzie: Only if more people mention him…

*Suddenly, the lights turn off*

Lilly: Ummm….

*A scream comes out of the main party room. Lizzie and Lilly jump to their feet, running out into the darkness. Suddenly, the lights turn back on, and there is a body on the floor*

Lizzie: Oh my god…

*It’s Rob’s corpse lying in the center of the floor. Alyssa is standing over him, a bloodied knife at her feet. Everyone looks at Alyssa in shock*

Alyssa: Why is everyone looking at me?

*Alyssa suddenly notices the knife at her feet*

Alyssa: That’s not mine…

Lizzie: So…what happened?

Ethan: The lights went off…then he was there...oh my god oh my god

*Amber M screams in horror as she pushes her way to the front, dropping to the floor and grabbing Rob in her arms*


Lizzie: Right, Ethan. I’d like you in the interview room now…

Lizzie: So Ethan…

Ethan: It wasn’t me!

Lizzie: I know…

Ethan: Then why are you asking me?

Lizzie: We need everyone’s take…

Lilly: So what do you remember?

Ethan: I was dancing with Sandra…then the lights went out! There was a scream very close to me, I felt someone shove past me as they ran past. I also heard metal falling to the floor…then the lights came back on…

Lizzie: Someone pushed past you?

Ethan: Yes…

Lizzie: Care to show us where you were standing?

*Ethan leads Lizzie and Lilly to the place he was standing as he was shoved*

Ethan: Right here…

*Lizzie looks, seeing directly behind where Ethan is standing in the power room*

Lizzie: The power room…

*Lizzie heads towards the power room, going down the stairs. A big power box is in the center of the room, green slime on the floor below it*

Lizzie: I knew it…

*Someone is moving in the room behind Lizzie. Lizzie swiftly turns around to see Danni*

Danni: Erm…hi?

Lizzie: Hi there…

Danni: I think I’m just going to back out…

*Danni walks backwards towards the door, slipping out. Lizzie continues searching, shrugging Danni off, as she’ll catch up later. Suddenly, a scream comes from somewhere upstairs*

------THE ATTIC-----
*Alyssa reaches the top of the stairs first- to find Sandra screaming over a dead body. Tyson is dead at her feet*

Sandra: He fell from the ceiling…

*Alyssa looks up. There is another body on the ceiling, cocooned by green gloop*

Alyssa: Holy shit…

*A crowd gathers at the top- Lizzie coming up last for a change*

Alyssa: Right, the first step is to get whoever that is off the roof…

*Kim grabs a big poking stick, helping Alyssa push the body down. It hits the floor, hard*

Kiko: Remember, don’t touch…

*Using the stick, Alyssa peels away the green slime covering the face- but instead, it pulls the skin off. Alyssa drops the stick in horror*

Alyssa: Why did I sign up for this?

Lizzie: Ok…everyone come back downstairs. We’ll work out who’s missing by process of elimination…

*Everyone returns downstairs- sitting on chairs over the dance floor*

Lizzie: Amber?

Amber M: Yes!

Lizzie: Parvati?

Parvati: Alive

Lizzie: Yul?

Yul: present…

Lizzie: Denise?

*There is no response*

Sandra: Oh my god…

*Denise is missing from the group*

Lizzie: Right…

Alison: I honestly think we should leave now…

Lilly: And let a serial killing alien on the lose? No- not an option!

*Lizzie is writing down notes*

Lizzie: Something just feels off…like there’s something very obvious that we missed…

*She looks at Danni*

Lizzie: How did you get out of the basement/

Danni: I erm…

Lizzie: *She shakes her head*: No, it’s not you! I have three suspects I need to talk to…Amber, Sandra, and Ben. Please come with me…

*Lizzie leads the three of them into the interview room, where they sit down*

Lizzie: You three…there’s something about you

*She turns to Amber M*

Lizzie: Amber, you were right at the back of the group, and took you a while to realize it’s your husband dead on the floor…

Amber M: I well…

Ben: And what’s funny is that she was dancing with Rob moments before the lights went out…

Sandra: But that’s a lie, isn’t it! You were the one near Rob when he was murdered, Amber was with Tyson on the other side of the room…

Ben: No, she was right there!

Lizzie: This isn’t the time to argue! Ben, I’m afraid I’ll need to take the word of Amber and Sandra here… unless you have another witness to provide for you!

Ben: Kim was nearby…

*Lizzie brings Kim into the room*

Lizzie: So Kim…

Kim: Yes?

Lizzie: Ben is telling a different story to Amber and Sandra here…and said you were the witness to provide?

Kim: Well…I do need to admit, Amber wasn’t in sight before the lights….sorry Ben

Ben: But….

Kim: But Danni was acting suspicious as hell!

Lizzie: No, it couldn’t be Danni!

Kim: Why not?

Lizzie: Well…erm

*Kim sighs, getting up and out the room. Ben follows her*

Amber M: I hope you find the killer soon!

*Amber M and Sandra leave. Lizzie reflects on her notes*

Lizzie: Why would a toxic alien kill someone with a knife?

*A scream suddenly erupts from somewhere in the building*

Lizzie: Not again…

-------THE PARTY ROOM-----
*Lizzie runs outside, to see Danni getting strangled by some green gloop*

Lizzie: Oh my god…

*Danni starts coughing up blue blood, covering the floor around her*

Alison: Oh no…no no no!

*Danni lets out a strange howl as the gloop tightens around her neck*


*Suddenly, a sharp knife falls down from somewhere on the roof, impaling Danni through the stomach. Another shriek echoes throughout the hall, as Danni’s skin starts to fall off*

Sophie: What on Earth…

*A small blue alien is now where Danni used to be*

Alien: Help me…

*The Alien slowly dies. Kiko ducks to her knees, holding the alien*

Kiko: Don’t worry…

*The alien is losing strength*

Kiko: I’m so sorry about what they did to you

Alien: Don’t let them get what they want…

Kiko: Who?

Alien: Take this gem

*The alien gives Kiko a strange gem*

Alien: It’s the only thing that can stop them…

Kiko: Tell me who they are

Alien: They are here…

*The Alien dies in Kiko’s arms. She shuts its eyelids*

Ben: Today just keeps getting stranger…

*Kiko holds the gem. Looking Lizzie in the eye, then Alyssa and finally Alison, it’s clear a plan is about the form. They all share a grin…*

Amber M: Was anyone paying attention to the roof?...

Lizzie: Shit! We let it get away!

Kiko: For now…

Lilly: Am I thinking what everyone else is thinking?

Kiko: Yep!

Lizzie: Everyone, stay together! Wonder off in 4’s at the minimum! This alien is a coward…and we’re about to stop it!

-------THE END----


Lizzie Stone
Kiko Satamoto ( CaptainZacSparrow)
Alison White ( Tommy123)
Alyssa Jade ( CocoVanderbilt)
Donald Trump ( ColinCoco)


Amber Rogers
Linda Parks ( YogscastBigBrother21)
Álvaro Vázquez ( Varlto)
Johnny Berg ( Chapi_BBJ)
Isla Apuya ( Systrix)
Damien Frost (#Varlto)
Carlos Vázquez (#Varlto)
Jerry Ceasar ( Nateclove)
Tuli Koba
Pilot John
Co-Pilot Kim
Jalal Talabani


Rob Mariano (Dead)
Amber Mariano
Sandra Diaz Twine
Parvati Shallow
Kim Spradlin
Ethan Zohn
Danni Boatwright (Dead?)
Sophie Clarke
Jeff Probst (Dead)
Tyson Apostol (Dead)
Tony Vlachos
Yul Kwon
Adam Klein
Ben Dreibergen
Denise Stapely (Dead)
Natalie Anderson

First two parter half done :D Things that may seem like mistakes probably aren' me!

It might seem strange, but I chose survivor castaways as the "Guests". I know not everyone in/reading this will know who they are- but I felt like it would be more of a head start over creating some characters from scratch!

But now for the big questions! They aren't mandatory, but I REALLY want to see everyone's prediction for the killers! If you answer correctly, there may also be a little reward for your character ;) Even if you aren't in it, you'll get a well done message lol!

Who's the main killer?
Who killed Rob?
Was Rob's killer the same as the alien killer?
Why were the victims chosen?
What does the gem do?
Was Danni an alien all along?



I think Amber is the main killer
Sandra killed Rob is my guess 😂
I don't think they where the same
Sandra for Rob lying to her, protects Amber to throw people off the sent
No idea what the gem does maybe protects from the goop aliens
No she wasn't that's why it's danni?
Sent by captainzacsparrow,Feb 28, 2020
Who's the main killer? it's BEN!
Who killed Rob? it was sandra obviously
Was Rob's killer the same as the alien killer? no no
Why were the victims chosen? just randomly!
What does the gem do? idk lol like no idea
Was Danni an alien all along? yes
Sent by varlto,Feb 28, 2020
Obviously doesn't kill aliens but its important
Sent by ColinCoco,Feb 28, 2020
I'm shaking...
main killer: Alyssa.
Sent by CocoVanderbilt,Feb 29, 2020

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