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Aliens On Earth Episode 2: The Screaming Skulls

Feb 22, 2020 by SeaViper
*Jerry is walking through the catacombs of Rome, alone. Something moves behind him. He turns but sees nothing. He continues walking. He hears something scuttle, very close by. He turns around swiftly, but nothing’s there! He continues walking, hoping the find his camera that he dropped the day before. He turns the corner, instantly seeing the creature on the other side. It shrieks, and all of the skulls on the wall start screaming, flames appearing in their eyes! Jerry runs for the exit. Moments after he leaps out, the entrance behind him closes and opens again, with everything back to normal inside…*

----------IN THE COCKPIT-------
*Kim and John are no longer in control of their bodies, with their legs twisting in impossible ways. The plane is coming down to land. John smashes the autopilot button with his nose, leading to a safe landing. As soon as the plane lands, John and Kim are freed from whatever force was controlling them*

--------IN THE KITCHEN-------
*Alyssa, Mortimer and Trump didn’t have time to get a seatbelt, and as the plane lands, it throws them to the ground. Mortimer’s hood falls off, but he cover’s his face before Alyssa or Trump could see what was underneath. As soon as the plane stops, Kiko comes running out of her room*

Kiko: Glad to see everyone’s ok!

Trump:  What do you mean OK? I got coffee all over my damn shirt!

Kiko: And that’s why you don’t have a coffee while the plane is starting to land!

*Trump groans, and returns to his room. Alyssa laughs a little. John’s announcement fills the plane*

John: We just managed to land in Rome! Some stairs are being set up, so you can exit the plane safely. Kim will hand you the briefs Carlos provided as you exit! While we are in the eternal city, we aren’t here to sightsee, however, feel free to explore for a little until everyone arrives. A potential lead has agreed to meet us at the De’Angelo coffee shop, which is located just left of the main bus station. We’ll give you a call when he arrives! Until then, enjoy Rome!

*Alyssa and Kiko start to walk towards the exit together, chatting about how lame Trump is*

Kiko: For whatever reason, some friends of mine back in Japan seriously think he’s a good person

Alyssa: What are they on?

Kiko: Probably whatever poisoned the American population to vote for him!

*Kim hands them a brief*

Alyssa: I was wondering if you want to go to Wall Street pizza with me, apparently it has the best pizza in the city, if not the whole of Italy!

Kiko; Sure, I love a good slice of pizza!

*The two of them head to the pizzeria, meanwhile, on the plane….*

----------IN LILLY’S ROOM--------
*Lilly is putting on her makeup when there is a knock on the door. Lizzie calls out*

Lizzie: Are you decent?

Lilly: Yeah, come in!

*Lizzie enters the room*

Lizzie: I just wanted to apologize for Amber. We’ve seen a couple of cases like your father’s, so many that Amber doesn’t like to count them. She used to keep a diary of all of our cases, but she burned it. Two years ago, she’ of remembered everyone we’ve ever met, but recently, she said she preferred to let those memories go

Lilly: I understand. If I had to deal with 3 cases a week, every week, every year, I don’t think I could remember everyone I’d ever met. Hell, I probably couldn’t remember everyone I’ve ever met now

*Lizzie smiles* Lizzie: I’ll tell her. She was a bit nervous to enter the room in case you were angry with her

--------JOHNNY’S ROOM-------
*Johnny is on his laptop, playing a game of Tengaged Frookies. He is on voice chat with someone else*

Johnny: I’m thinking maybe put up ColinCoco or Captainzacsparrow

Tenagaged player: I was thinking maybe Varlto and Cocovanderbilt?

Johnny: They sound good to me

Tengaged player: Cocovanderbilt just won POV

Johnny: We could put up YogscastBigBrother21?

Tengaged player: I was thinking Chapi_BBJ

Johnny: No, I like Chapp_BBJ, I think we could take them to the final 4

*Kim knocks on the door*

Kim: Just to say, everyone else has left

Johnny: I’ll be there in a minute

Tengaged player: Whoa dude, are you talking to your girlfriend?

Johnny: I still don’t have a girlfriend!

Tengaged player: If you got out a bit more, I know you’d be a lady magnet!

Johnny: I just don’t like talking face to face with people!

---------OUTSIDE THE VATICAN-------
*Alison stands outside the Vatican, taking pictures. Suddenly, someone screams. She turns around to see a lady twisting her body in impossible ways. Suddenly, her head does a full 360. Alison screams in horror as the lady drops dead. A crowd gathers, starting to panic*

Bystander: SOMEONE CALL THE POLICE!             

--------THE PIZZERIA------
*Alyssa and Kiko’s pizzas arrive, and they start to eat*

Kiko: Now this is good!

Alyssa: Best pizza in the world!

*Alyssa and Kiko eat for a bit more, before their phones rings. They answer it. It’s Kim*

Kim: The witness has arrived!

*Alyssa and Kiko arrive at the coffee shop, holding their half-eaten pizzas. Kim and John are already there, but nobody else has arrived. Jerry is sat with them. Gradually, everyone arrives. Johnny is last to arrive. He is mumbling to himself*

Johnny: That S lying snake promised me final 2!

John: Now that everyone’s here, I need to introduce you to Jerry!

Jerry: Hi

Kim: Go ahead

Jerry: Well…I was in the catacombs and…

Trump: There are catacombs in Rome? I thought they were in Paris!

Kiko: Shut up idiot

Jerry: Continuing…My camera fell out of my pocket the day before, and I wanted to find it because it had everything from my trip on it! But when I went down there, there was something with me! It made the skulls on the wall come to life and…

*The waitress interrupts*

Waitress: What do you want to order?

Trump: I’ll take a coffee

Alison: I’ll take a hot chocolate

Jerry: Then the door…

Waitress: Coming right up! Anything else?

Trump: Can we have some chips?

Waitress: We don’t serve chips…

Alison: He means crisps!

Waitress: Of course!

*The waitress goes back inside*

Jerry: Good. Then the door closed behind me and…

*Johnny is looking on his phone*


*The tengaged user had made a blog saying how Tommy123 was his secret final 2 all along, and how stupid Johnny had been*

Jerry *Calming himself down*: Then the door opened again, and it was back to normal!

Trump: Sorry, couldn’t hear you, this crazy guy here…

Jerry: This is useless! Go to the catacombs!

*Jerry stands up and marches away. The waitress has returned with Trump and Alison’s drinks, as well as the crisps*

Waitress: Here you…

*Suddenly, the waitress falls back, her head does a 360, and she falls to the floor. Everyone instantly jumps up. Alison reaches her first, checking her pulse and breath*

Alison: Nothing!

*Kiko feels her neck*

Kiko: The neck doesn’t feel broken, meaning she didn’t die because her neck was snapped!

*Some people start gathering*

Alyssa: I hate to say this…but we need Mortimer!

*A crowd has gathered. Alison jumps up, showing them her ID*


*The crowd starts to move back. Álvaro pushes to the front, along with his friend Damien*

Linda: Álvaro?

Álvaro: Not time!

*The ground starts to shake*

Damien: We need to run!

*A skeletal creature starts throwing the crowd aside*

Skeletal creature: GIVE ME THE BOY!

*Alyssa whips out a gun, causing the crowd to scream. She shoots at the creature, the bullets bouncing off harmlessly*

Skeletal creature: Cute little Earthling!

*It flicks Alyssa out of the way, making its way towards Álvaro*

Lilly: What do you want with him?

*Álvaro and Damien start running down another alleyway, the skeletal creature letting out a roar. Sharp rocks come flying out of its mouth, hitting and killing members of the crowd. Suddenly, the creature is pushed back. It roars angrily as a ball of energy hits it. The creature retreats, back into a catacomb. Mortimer walks forward*

Mortimer: Hello everyone! Oh yes...

*Mortimer traps the surviving onlookers in a green energy ball. In a flash, a light appears inside, then the ball goes*

Mortimer: Classic memory wipe trick!

Linda: What just happened?

Mortimer: They will be like that for two minutes! Help me get some of these bodies back to the plane!

*Everyone picks up a body, one between two*

Lilly: The plane is over half-an-hours drive away!

Mortimer: You didn’t think I walked did you? Once the radars picked that creature up, I called Carlos. His contacts sent these cars!

*The bodies are loaded into the backs of the cars*

Mortimer: I shall need two assistants for the autopsy!

Alyssa: Well, Trump and Alison could make themselves useful!

Mortimer: Thanks for volunteering Alyssa!

Alyssa: Oh shit…

Alison: I’ll come. Rather dissect some bodies than deal with that creature!

Mortimer: Excellent!

*Mortimer, Alison, and after having to be forcefully pushed in, Alyssa, get into cars, and drive towards the airport*

Amber: Right, so we know that thing is currently in the catacombs!

Lizzie: This is my favorite part

Amber: Let’s form a plan!

*Mortimer, Alison and Alyssa are wearing their protective gear in the plane’s morgue. The waitress’s body is on Mortimer’s table*

Mortimer: Before we begin, I just want to say I’m very excited to begin!

*Alyssa is breathing heavy*

Mortimer: I’m going to teach you two how to do an autopsy, then you’ll let me know if it’s worth teaching the others!

Alison: Let’s start!

Mortimer: So first, we need to change and mark the body!

*Mortimer grabs a whiteboard marker*

Mortimer: We need to draw on where we want to cut!

*Mortimer draws a circle around her neck, breast and intestine area. Mortimer then grabs a sharp tool*

Mortimer: Watch carefully!

*Mortimer starts to cut open the intestine areas. Alyssa can barely watch*

Mortimer: That was an example!

*Mortimer then cuts, to open the heart. The ribcage has closed in, crushing the heart*

Mortimer: So we have found the cause of death! Alison, please right on the autopsy card!

*Alison scribbles down “Heart crushed” under the section that says “Cause of death”*

Mortimer: We’ll store the body in the fridge for now! Afterward, we’ll check her clothes for any ID so we can inform her family of her death. We can then transfer her body to their preferred funeral home!

Alyssa: But won’t they notice the…

Mortimer: Yes, however, we’ll tell them it was necessary

Alyssa: I-

Mortimer: Now, help me get her into the fridge before her body goes stiff!

-------THE PLAN-------
*Amber explains their action plan*

Amber: Linda and I will go to find Álvaro, and ask him why the alien wants him- if he knows. Lizzie will make sure nobody enters the catacombs, while Kiko and Johnny enter, to try and see exactly what Jerry was talking about

Trump: What should I do?

Amber: Fuck off and be annoying

Trump: How dare you say something so rude to the president of the United Sta…

Amber: And? You’ve said it to just about everyone!

Trump: But I’m the president

Amber: So?

Trump: I get to do what I want!

Amber: I could call Carlos right now, and tell him to remove you from the mission!

Trump: Carlos told me to come1 If anything, I could get YOU removed even easier

Lilly: Sorry, you forgot about me

Amber: And you will make sure Trump will be the first to jump in front if anything goes wrong!

*Lilly winks at Amber*

Trump: You do realize who I am!???!!!

Lilly: You’re the big president man- who stands no chance of being elected again, and you’re grumpy because you’re in the last days of presidency! After that, you’ll be discarded, forgotten, as bigger and richer billionaires take your place!

Trump: I am the greatest president the United States has ever seen!

Lilly: But you’re the dumbest…

*Trump just realizes that everyone has left, and he’s been locked in the café*

Trump: MY BOARD WILL HEAR OF THIS!             

*Lilly is standing there looking smug*

*Amber and Linda are outside of some apartment buildings*

Linda: We saw them run this way- and there’s no way out from here, meaning they must be in one of these blocks!

*They hear a heavy door close behind them, and Damien is standing there*

Damien: Is that thing still there?

Amber: No, it’s gone. We’ve got people fighting it as we speak! Where’s Álvaro?

Damien: He heard you were coming here, so he came. He found the creature before you did, taking a spike from it’s back as it was sleeping. But it woke up, and has been chasing us ever since…

Amber: And where is he now?

Damien: The catacombs…

------THE CATACOMBS-------
*Kiko and Johnny walk through the catacombs*

Kiko: Why were we chosen?

Johnny: I think it’s clear. Amber’s scared of this, and knows what it can do, so she chose the two most disposable people…

Kiko: She wouldn’t…Trump’s the most disposable

Johnny: Well, if he went missing, people would ask questions…

Kiko: You don’t think-

*A roar echoes through the catacombs*

Johnny: It’s near

*Suddenly, the skulls on the wall start screaming- some speaking*




Skull 4: HELL TO ALL



*Every way out suddenly seals itself off. The alien stands at the end of Kiko and Johnny’s hall*

Alien: Welcome! Soon, you shall both be another skull on this wall!

*Johnny tries to run, but his legs stop him*

Alien: I can control your bones, your very bodies!

*Johnny suddenly swings around, punching Kiko in the face. She topples over with a scream, as Johnny’s legs kick her*


*Kiko suddenly finds herself hitting her head against the wall constantly. The creature smiles*

Alien: Funny mortals! Son this whole world shall crum-

*The creature lets out an unearthly scream and it’s body starts disintegrating into ash. As soon as it’s done, the skulls stop laughing, and Johnny and Kiko are freed, as the entrances open. Álvaro stands on the other end, a spike in hand*

Álvaro: I saw a hole, and stabbed it in there!

*Kiko and Johnny hug each other- then stop, both taking deep breaths

-------THE PLANE------
Kiko: That was pretty nice work!

Álvaro: Thanks!

*Everyone is sat around a table. Trump is missing*

Lilly: Well…Trump’s quit, so we still have a spot left open!

*Everyone looks at Lilly*

Lilly: I convinced him he wouldn’t get any votes at the next election until he stepped down as president!

*Everyone is shocked, then starts clapping*

Lizzie: Well, it’s your choice!

Alison: But what if Carlos finds out?

Álvaro: Don’t tell him. As far as he’s concerned, Trump quit- and that’s it!

Alison: But if he finds out…

Álvaro: But he’s not going to find out! This is what I want to do! I don’t want to be wrapped in cotton wool by my dad, I want to fight with you!

Kiko: Well, he was very good…

Amber: But what you did was reckless! Stealing its spike was insanely dangerous!

Álvaro: But the hole it left was what defeated it…

Lizzie: One trip can’t hurt!

*John’s announcement fills the plane*

John: We will be departing from Rome shortly! Our next stop is Iceland! Some locals have reported unusual tremors in the area, and are afraid of a volcanic eruption- however- the volcano has been classed as dead for hundreds of years!

Álvaro: Always wanted to go to Iceland…

Amber: I guess one can’t hurt…

Lizzie: Álvaro, welcome aboard!

----------THE END--------------

The end of the second episode!

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Lizzie Stone
Amber Rogers
Linda Parks ( YogscastBigBrother21)
Kiko Satamoto ( CaptainZacSparrow)
Álvaro Vázquez ( Varlto)
Donald Trump ( ColinCoco)
Alison White ( Tommy123)
Johnny Berg ( Chapi_BBJ)
Alyssa Jade ( CocoVanderbilt)


Damien Frost (#Varlto)
Carlos Vázquez (#Varlto)
Jerry Ceasar ( Nateclove)
Tuli Koba
Pilot John
Co-Pilot Kim
Jalal Talabani

Next episode is our first "Filler" episode- meaning no vital characters will be introduced, and while still relevant to the plot, no major advancements will be made!

After this episode, you will face your first choice! Episodes 4-7 will be split between two groups!

So thanks for reading this episode :)


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