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This survivor season...

Nov 14, 2019 by SeaViper
Is going crazy

At first, I was like "Yeah, this is good! A female based season!"

Then, there were positive tribals...everything was going good. It's very likely a female wins this season

Then we get to the merge... and Dan getting touchy touchy

Honestly, I think Dan should have been expelled, but I guess getting a bad edit and no chance for a call-back is good enough!

I was upset when Kellee left, because she was my favorite, and I was screaming at her to play her idols. I got a Kelley Season 38 flashback..

Anyway, I was sad Kellee left...but that only just scratched the surface

I honestly felt really bad for Janet, and Ive lost respect for over half of this cast! I honestly hope Janet, Karishma or Noura wins, but based on their edits, I don't know if that will happen

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