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Birthday big brother episode 6

Aug 25, 2019 by SeaViper
7 remain, who will be evicted next?


Jordan (24) (Husband of a friend)
Florence (72) (Grandmother)
Barbra (22) (Co-worker)
Kara (22) (Friend)
Adam (23) (Boyfriend at the time)
Anne (21) (Friend)
Amber (17) (Sister)

For the HOH challenge, the guests had to stand in a line, holding their hand above their head. If the hand came down even a tiny bit, they were out! The challenge didn't last ling, but Jordan won the HOH, putting him and Florence back in power.

With the alliances being 3-2-2, the young alliance was the target. All the older alliance needed to do was partner with Barbra and Adam, but Adam and Barbra had other plans. They wanted the older alliance out

Jordan nominated Amber and Anne

POV players: Jordan, Amber, Anne, Kara, Adam, Barbra

I didn't document the challenge, but Kara won the POV

Kara knew that if she played the POV on either Amber or Anne, then either Adam or Barbra would be put as a replacement. The vote would be a tie, and Jordan would evict the one from the younger alliance. Kara had to pick to save either Amber or Anne. Whoever she didn't chose, would inevitably be eliminated

Kara plays the POV on Amber. Barbra gets put up as the replacement


Florence voted to evict Anne
Kara voted to evict Barbra
Adam voted to evict Anne
Amber voted to evict Barbra

Jordan voted to evict Anne

By a vote of 3-2, Anne has been evicted, and become the second member of the jury!


12: Jack (5-4)
11: Erin (5-3)
10: Jessica (2-2, tiebreaker vote)
9: Kate (4-2)
8: Kelly (4-1)
7: Anne (2-2, tiebreaker vote)




Me at florence playing the fuck out of this , me at kara rsaving amber all the time
Sent by captainzacsparrow,Aug 25, 2019
Tag me lol
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